DB2DATABASE(1)           USER COMMANDS             DB2DATABASE(1)

     db2database - make an EPICS binary database  from  an  ascii

     db2database [ -v ] [ -n dbname ] [ -s sdr_file_name ] file [
     file...  ]

     The tool in available under Unix from the EPICS  application
     directory provided by getrel in release 3.11 or greater.

     At  least  one  input  file  must  be  specified.    Running
     db2database  combines  the  records  in  all the input ".db"
     files specified to produce two files: a  binary  ".database"
     and  an  ascii  ".db" file.  The ascii ".db" file is send to
     standard out.  The binary ".database" is generated with  the
     name  from  the  command  line  arguments or the name in the
     first ".db" file specified.

     The file parameters must to ascii ".db" files.

     -v   Verbose mode, outputs all fields of records to standard
          out.   If not specified, only fields found in the input
          file will be printed.

     -n   Names the output database.  This will be  the  name  of
          the  binary .database file.  If not specified, the name
          of the database (and .database file) will be taken from
          the  name of the database in the first file on the com-
          mand line.  Do not include the  externsion  ".database"
          when specifying, it will be added automatically.

     -s   Names the default dctsdr file.  If  not  specified,  it
          first checks for the local file ./default.dctsdr.

     gdct(1), dbfile(5), sf2db(1), dbLoadRecords(3),

     GDCT User's Manual

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