GDCT(1)                  USER COMMANDS                    GDCT(1)

     gdct - create and edit EPICS records in ascii ".db" files

     gdct [ -s sdr_file_name ]

     The tool in available under Unix from the EPICS  application
     directory provided by getrel in release 3.11 or greater.

     See the GDCT User's Manual for a description of how  to  use
     this tool.  The Graphical Database Configuration Tool (GDCT)
     allows the user to build EPICS databases and visualize links
     between records and process variables.

     The tool starts out with an empty drawing area ready to  add
     records  to.   The user can choose to open an existing data-
     base or start creating a new one.  There are several  impor-
     tant  items from the user's manual to remember which will be
     summorized here.

     This tool edits and maintains a graphical  information  file
     and a ".db" file.  The graphical infomation file is the file
     you specify to open and save from the menus, not  the  ".db"
     file.   The  ".db"  file  contains the record instances that
     were editted graphically.  The name of the ".db" file is the
     same  as  the graphical file with the extension ".db" at the

     When the tool is started, two windows will appear: the draw-
     ing  area  and  a tool palette.  Depending on window manager
     placement resources, the two gdct windows may appear on  top
     of one another.

     -s   Names the default dctsdr file.  If  not  specified,  it
          first checks for the file ./default.dctsdr.

     dbfile(5), db2database(1), dbLoadRecords(3),

     GDCT User's Manual

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