APS Control System Naming Convention

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EPICS will supply the base elements, as `channels', for the named elements in the APS.

The restrictions of Channel Access itself will constrain the naming of the base elements. The names will therefore show up on schematics, wire-lists, and as VxWorks symbols.

The Component names will be used to store the collected data and to retrieve set points. Thus these names will appear extensively in analysis, setup, and calibration software used by SDDS. Once a PV name has been developed and become known it may be changed only with notification of the PVname mailing list and concurrence of the users of the PVname.


Channel Access and EPICS possess a flat namespace and a discovery protocol that require all integrated components have channel names that:

Desirable Items


Each name will have the form:


Colons may be used to separate fields


is the system, one of {L, P, S, SRF, VM, Mt, ...} see below for current list.
These elements are as specified by the ring managers.
Typically a component name will be precisely "<sys>:<sub>:<type>", including the many devices which comprise it. This portion of the name should be the most carefully chosen.


   VM:01:3IP1.VAL         Sector 1 Pump Pressure
   S:BM:CurrentAO         Storage Ring Dipole Current
   S:MPS:srBeamCurrentCC  Storage Ring beam Current for MPS system
   B:QD:Qdrt2MagOTBI      Booster Quad D Overtemp trip


Standard System names

S             Storage Ring
B             Booster
SY            Booster RF (Not to be used for new PVs)
BRF           Booster RF
P             Par
L             Linac
VM            Vacuum
Mt            Master timing
It            Injection Timing
SRF           Storage Ring RF
SRFB          Storage Ring Feedback System
BTS           Booster to Storage Ring
H2O           Water System
IOC           IOC Status
ACIS          Access Control Interlock
FE            Front End (XFD)
ID            Insertion Device (XFD)
EPS           Equipment protection System (XFD) 
PA            PSS (XFD)

Standard names

Some Systems use templates to develop databases therefore the PV names for these systems have a regular form. The information on these PVs will appear in this document as it become available: