Namecapture provides a means of getting process variable names from MEDM control screens and using them elsewhere. You can drag a process variable name from an MEDM control using Button 2 and drop it on the Namecapture text box. Any existing name in the text box will be erased, and the new one will automatically be selected. The name can immediately be transferred elsewhere with the usual X selection mechanism (e.g. Button 2 for an XTerm).

The name (and any added text) can also be saved in a file by pressing Button 3. The File menu contains buttons for opening and closing the desired file. The file may be a BURT file or plain text.

Command line

namecapture &

File Menu

Open New/Reuse

Opens a file for writing. If the file exists, the old contents will be lost, but you will have a chance to abort before this happens. In BURT Mode the header is written after opening.

Open Append

Opens an existing file for writing at the end.


Copies the current text to a new line in the file. Button 3 will accomplish the same thing. In BURT mode the line is appropriate for a BURT request file.


Closes the current file.


If checked the file will be a BURT request file.

Automatic File Insert

If checked and a file is open, then each new selection will be added to the file automatically.


Exits the program.

Maintained by Ken Evans ([email protected])
Modified 8/22/97