Multi-architecture builds are now supported. The Architecture names are a little for descriptive. Both architectures will be built in one tree now. Every makefile in the build tree was affected by this change. It will now be much easier to keep the messages and the backplane driver in sync between the two architectures. The MakeArch file in the hideos root directory now contains only the following:
ALL_ARCHS = bare162 vx167
DEFAULT_ARCH = bare162


GPIB driver added to run the IP-488 industry pack module. The IP-488 can be operated with the existing EPICS GPIB library.

Changed the Quad and Octal uarts names used in EPICS device entry parm field to be "Serial" instead of "QuadSerial" and "OctalSerial". This changes allows the user to switch between the quad, octal, and dual modules without changing the database.


Problem detected with the IP-Serial module from Green Springs. When both the transmitter and receiver (of either port) are active at the exact same time, characters are lost by the receiver. The problem does not occur on the IP-QuadSerial or IP-OctalSerial. The problem is currently unresolved.




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