Known Bugs and Fixes for EPICS Base Release 3.13.10


WARNING:: The following patch has not been tested. It will be tested near the end of April 2005. Until then the patch is subject to change.

When TSsetClockFromUnix is called for an IOC that is a synchronous client, it usually issues the message sync Slave not in sync. A patch file is available to suppress the messages. The patch file will work on R3_13_10 and R3_13_9 releases. To make the necessary source code changes, download this file (shift+click on the link in most browsers) and save it to the top directory of the EPICS Base R3.13.10 or R3_13_9 installation. Then use the patch program to apply the change like this:

zeus% patch -p0 < R3_13_10_drvTS.patch
patching file src/cxxTemplates/tsDLList.h
patching file src/include/shareLib.h

Finally run gnumake at the top of the base tree.

Mantis bug #89

The DTYP field of a purely 'soft' record type (one that has no device support) is a menu with no strings, and can cause a task to hang in the IOC if it is asked for its list of strings through CA. A patch to fix this is available here, to be applied in the src/db directory.