Known Bugs and Fixes for EPICS Release 3.13.2


In dbPutLinkValue, if the (out)link has MS property, the old severity is propagated instead of the actual one.



The stack size for cpuUsageTask is too small for mv172s, which do not have a separate interrupt stack like the mv167.  The same problem may exist on other processors such as the powerPC. THIS CAN BE A SERIOUS PROBLEM.


It incorrectly reports VALUE,  ALARM and LOG for all events.

aiRecord.c calcRecord.c calcoutRecord.c selRecord.c subRecord.c

In alarm the definitions of hihi, high, low, lolo; will be changed from float to double.


The convert routine sets udf false which it should not do. Fetch_value does not set udf false when it successfully fetched a value., which it should do. These changes will be made so that udf is only set false when a new value is obtained.


A dbPutLink is not attempted for all links if a put for a previous link fails. This will be changed and also if dbPutLink fails  recGblSetSevr(pdfanout,LINK_ALARM,MAJOR_ALARM) will called.


When dbPutString  writes to the VAL field then udf is not set false. This is a bug found by Stephanie Allison that will be fixed.


cvtLongToHexString will be changed to puts 0x in frount of the number and cvtLongToOctalString to put a leading 0.