Known Bugs and Fixes for EPICS Base Release 3.13.9

HPUX Build Only

The final version of EPICS Base R3.13.9 was not tested on HPUX before release, and unfortunately a few small changes are required on that platform to allow the code to compile. These changes affect two files:

A patch file is available to fix the problems. To make the necessary source code changes, download this file (shift+click on the link in most browsers) and save it to the top directory of the EPICS Base R3.13.9 installation. Then use the patch program to apply the change like this:

zeus% patch -p0 < R3-13-9_HPUX.patch
patching file src/cxxTemplates/tsDLList.h
patching file src/include/shareLib.h

Finally run gnumake at the top of the base tree.


If a database link is made to an mbbo record with a request type of DBR_STRING then the DBR_STRING value is the numeric value of the VAL field converted to a string. It should be the appropriate choice string indexed by the VAL field. An example is the DOL link of a stringout record linked to an mbbo record. This bug has been in all releases since 3.13.6