EPICS R3.12.1.2 Release Notes

Little Endian Support

Little endian support has been added to source files (dct and ? ). For little endian architectures, "-DLITTLE_ENDIAN" should be added to the ARCH_DEP_CFLAGS definition in the architecture specific CONFIG file (e.g. CONFIG.Unix.alpha).

Compumotor 1830 Driver

The calling sequence for compu_driver in the compumotor driver source code has been updated to match the call in the compumotor device source code. The proper calling sequence is now:
	compu_driver(card, channel, value_flag,arg1,arg2).
Previously the channel parameter was missing.

Pentek high speed ADC device support

The Pentek high speed ADC device support had a bug that was corrected. Only one card could exist in the IOC at a time.

Time Stamp Driver Changes

Changes to base/src/db/drvTS.c and base/include/drvTS.h, the time stamp driver. Here is a summary of the changes made.
  1. Added ability to get high resolution time stamps (for the current time). Currently event 0 is the current time, updated at 60Hz. A new special event has been added, event -1, which returns the high resolution current time stamp. The event number is specified in the field EVNT of a record.
  2. Added a simplified GPS interface (direct time interface).
  3. Corrected a bug concerning the vxWorks time clock. I set the clock to the wrong time stamp, which meant that the vxWorks ansiTime library function would not work. I also set the TIMEZONE vxworks environment variable from the EPICS variable EPICS_TS_MIN_WEST variable.
  4. Added an environment variable that points to an NTP server.

    dbLoadTemplate and dbLoadRecords

    Changed dbLoadTemplate and dbLoadRecords to accept the tilda (~).

    cpp Step Added to snc Rule

    A cpp preprocessing step has been added to the state notation language build rule in RULES.Vx.

    Target Specific Flags and Load Libraries Now Supported

    Target specific flags and target specific load libraries in the EPICS Makefiles are now supported by specifying definitions for <name>_CFLAGS, <name>_CCFLAGS, <name>_LDFLAGS and/or <name>_LDLIBS in the Makefiles, where <name> is the basename of the makefile target. For example, to specify the compiler option -fshared-data for the target drvAt5Vxi.o the line "drvAt5Vxi_CFLAGS = -fshared-data" should be placed in the Makefile.Vx file.

    RANLIB Only Used If Defined

    A test for the definition of RANLIB has been added to the RULES.Unix file so RANLIB only needs to be defined if it will be used in building libraries.

    cpp Definition Fixed in CONFIG.Vx.68k

    The definition of CPP has been changed to "$(VX_GNU_BIN)/cpp68k -nostdinc".

    Multiple Architecture Builds

    The definitions of CROSS_COMPILER_HOST_ARCHS and CROSS_COMPILER_TARGET_ARCHS were added to the CONFIG_SITE file to allow a site to optionally specify only a subset of their host architectures to do cross compiling.

    New epics/startup Directory

    A new startup directory has been created within the epics tree containing files which set HOST_ARCH and the epics user's path.

    HOST_ARCH Definition Changed

    HOST_ARCH now obtained by execution of the /usr/local/epics/startup/HostArch script in CONFIG_SITE and makesdr.

    Solaris Native Build Now Default

    Config file changes mad to make solaris native build default

    sgi Supported

    Config files and base/tools/sgiinstall file added to support EPICS sgi build


    CONFIG_ENV was split to create the new file CONFIG_SITE_ENV

    Clean Rule Modified

    The clean rule in RULES.Unix and RULES.Vx now removes all *.c, *.i, and *.st files in the O. directories.

    Vx Library Build Rule Now Used By base Directories

    The Makefiles.Vx files in many of the base/src directories have been changed to use the library build rule in RULES.Vx.

    Top Level Rules clean & uninstall Modified

    Top level base Makefile was modified so that the rules clean and uninstall affect only the current BUILD_ARCHS directories.

    Builds Of base And extensions No Longer Have Path Requirements

    Modifications were make to GetVar, getrel, blderrSymTbl, bldEnvData, and makesdr to remove the $DVL/base/tools and $DVL/base/bin/$(T_A) build path requirements. When $DVL/base/tools is removed from developer's path, he/she should invoke gnumake (not gmake). New EPICS parameter added to bldEnvData and blderrSymTbl

    epics/base Files Moved And Removed

    Moved from the libCom directory to the db directory to allow libCom to build without first building the ascii directory (record headers).
    bldEnvData blderrSymTbl makeStatTbl
    Moved from base/tools to base/src/libCom directory since they are only used for builds of libCom.
    Moved from base/tools to base directory because it is only used by base toplevel Makefiles
    removed files CheckArch,Clean,MakeDirs
    Added the script functionality to base/Makefile
    removed FindEpics
    EPICS now passed as a param to scripts that need it
    removed MakeDirs
    base toplevel Makefile changed so that MakeDirs no longer necessary


    Fixed cmments at end of #endif statements.

    ACC_STRICT Definitions Added For hp700



    Motif directories definitions changed for sun5.4 SDK
           MOTIF_INC from /opt/SUNWmotif/include to /usr/dt/include
           MOTIF_LIB from /opt/SUNWmotif/lib to /usr/dt/lib