NOTICE: EPICS production system release change

Description of major differences between R3.11.2 and R3.11.3

The only differences introducted by R3.11.3 since R3.11.2 are Bug-fix and functional changes to the Application Source/Release tools and some MEDM fixes. Also a new tool "apSccsInfo" is introduced which lists active sccs information recursively from the current directory.

Most Deltas occuring after the earlier time and up to the later time are listed

file R3.11.2/Vx/mv167/bin/iocCore Sun Dec 19 17:24:20 1993

file R3.11.3/Vx/mv167/bin/iocCore Wed Jan 19 11:25:51 1994

source for the following makefile templates were moved and renamed

IS	share/templates/
WAS	share/templates/top/makefile 

IS share/templates/ WAS share/templates/top/appdir/makefile

IS share/templates/makefile.dct WAS share/templates/top/appdir/src/makefile.dct

IS share/templates/makefile.gdct WAS share/templates/top/appdir/src/makefile.gdct

Updated the apCreateDbDir and apFixLinks tools to automatically adjust the application system area.

Note: the makefile link in the <*>Db/ directories now link directly to the share/templates/makefile/.<dct> or .<gdct>

	new/different functionality by rcz:
		removed state program complilation from ImakefileUnix  template
		Unix/share/bin/apReplace1 - interactive tool to replace installed 
		ImakefileUnix templates with new ImakefileUnix template
		in each application. 

added functionality by rcz: Unix/`arch`/bin/apCreateShadow current umask value determines if shadow directories are created with group write permissions. new functionality by jba: Unix/share/bin/dbsccs added unedit and fixed bugs

bug fix by rcz: cleanSdrDir: removed ofclist totallist - for EPICS only

bug fix by rcz: share/templates/top/appdir/makefile - changed if [ ! -d $${iocdir} ] TO if [ -d $${iocdir} ]

bug fix by rcz: share/templates/top/makefile fixed test for dct input report errors

bug fix by saunders: share/src/drv/drvPEPBitBus.c when a bitbus message times out, only a NODE_OFFLINE is sent

developer-proof fix by rcz: Unix/share/bin/makeSdrMake filtered out ,*.ascii files

new functionality by mda: use clientMessage-s instead of propertyNotify/XChangeProperty for dispatch (this gets around race conditions in server for changing properties) support edit_{fixed,scalable} and exec_{fixed,scalable} for remote dispatch smart startup update (edit_{fixed,scalable}, exec_{fixed,scalable}) bug fix by mda: many medm files - placate SUN's acc with lots of explicit casts. bug fix by mda: many medm files - fix signed vs. unsigned char problem in bitmap file get rid of BSD gettimeofday() add explicit casts for comparison of (slightly) different types so SUN's acc can quit complaining (e.g., if (long i < (long) int j)...)

# R3.11.3_info # NOTE: These directions are not valid until you have been notified # that the link which points to the latest production release # has been setup.

# PART I. Application System Area Managers # Directions for switching to production release R3.11.3 #

1. Notify (email) each of your application developers about your intention to switch to R3.11.3.

2. Before proceeding, ensure that all application shadow area developers have responded and are ready for an upgrade of the Application System Area.

3. Ensure that R3.11.3 has been installed on your system. (currently only opiinj1 and phebos are supported)

4. logon to your Application System Managers account.

5. cd to the <top> (root node) directory of your system area. % cd <top> example: % cd /home/opiinj2/injsys/par

4. perform a getrel (if you aren't using plain R3.11)

A. For a permanent connection to R3.11.3 On opiinj1 <epics> = /home/opiinj1/epics/R3.11.3 On phebos <epics> = /net/phebos/epics/R3.11.3

% <epics>/Unix/share/bin/getrel <epics>

B. For a permanent connection to the latest production release (starting with R3.11.2) On opiinj1 <epics> = /home/opiinj1/epics/R3.11 On phebos <epics> = /net/phebos/epics/R3.11

% <epics>/Unix/share/bin/getrel <epics>

5. Run the apFixLinks tool. This will fixup (remove all previous traces of generic makefiles) and replace them with links to the current versions in the new release.

% cd <top> % apFixLinks

Note: This also has to be done any time one of the following tools have been run in the <top> node: apCreateTop, apCreateApp or apCreateIocName.

6. Run the new interactive tool to replace the ImakefileUnix templates. This tool (apReplace1) will prompt you for each application update. Note: Unless you have modified an ImakefileUnix you should repond with "yes" at each request!

% cd <top> % apReplace1

7. Remove op directory from top

% cd <top> % /bin/rm -fr op

8. Notify (email) each of your application developers that they should synchronize their shadow nodes.

# PART II. Application Shadow Area Developers

1. Notify your Application System Manager that you are ready for the switch to R3.11.3 2. Before proceeding, wait for notification from the Application System Manager that the switch to R3.11.3 is complete.

3. Synchronizing your application shadow node to your Application System Area requires running apStatusSync one or more times in your <top> shadow directory. When you are satisfied with the status output to your screen from apStatusSync then you may procede to the 2nd phase of the synchronization process.

% cd <top> (of your shadow node) % apStatusSync When you are satisfied with the currently displayed status you may proceed.

4. Use your favorite editor to edit the "apRemoveScript" produced by apStatusSync.

% cd <top> (of your shadow node) % vi apRemoveScript activate commands by removing the '#' char

5. Execute the "apRemoveScript" to get rid of unwanted structure. % cd <top> (of your shadow node) % apRemoveScript

6. Execute the apCreateShadow to bring your shadow node back in sync with your application system node. % cd <top> (of your shadow node) % apCreateShadow

Document entered 1/19/94 [email protected]