pvaClientCPP Module

This document summarizes the changes to the module between releases.

Release 4.5.0 (EPICS Apr 2019)

Changes have been made for getDouble, putDouble, getDoubleArray, putDoubleArray, getString, putString, getStringArray, and putStringArray.

1) Previously each only had support for a top level field named value. Each now allows access to a single sub field that has the correct type. Thus pvRequest must select a single field. For example

    pva->channel("PVRdumbPowerSupply")->putDouble(1.0,"power.value" );

2) PvaChannel now has a method for each of the above. For example instead of

    PvaClientChannelPtr channel = pva->channel("PVRdouble");
    PvaClientPutPtr clientPut = channel->put();
    PvaClientPutDataPtr putData = clientPut->getData();
    putData->putDouble(1.0); clientPut->put();

now it can be

    pva->channel("PVRdouble")->putDouble(1.0 );

3) getDoubleArray and putDoubleArray work with any numeric scalar array

4) getStringArray and putStringArray work with any scalar array.

Release 4.4 (EPICS 7.0.2, Dec 2018)

API changes to PvaClientMonitor

The create method that had arguments for stateChangeRequester and monitorRequester no longer exists.

API changes to PvaClientGet, ..., PvaClientMonitor

Previously the pvaClientGet, ..., pvaClientMonitor classes all implemented PvaClientChannelStateChangeRequester(). This method was never called and has been removed.

Release 4.3 (EPICS 7.0.1, Dec 2017)

Requires pvDataCPP-7.0 and pvAccessCPP-6.0 versions

This release will not work with older versions of these modules.

Destroy methods removed

All the destroy() methods have been removed, implementation is RAII compliant.

API changes to PvaClientMonitor

The second argument of method

static PvaClientMonitorPtr create(
    PvaClientPtr const &pvaClient,
    epics::pvAccess::Channel::shared_pointer const & channel,
    epics::pvData::PVStructurePtr const &pvRequest

is now changed to

static PvaClientMonitorPtr create(
    PvaClientPtr const &pvaClient,
    PvaClientChannelPtr const & pvaClientChannel,
    epics::pvData::PVStructurePtr const &pvRequest

A new method is also implemented

static PvaClientMonitorPtr create(
    PvaClientPtr const &pvaClient,
    std::string const & channelName,
    std::string const & providerName,
    std::string const & request,
    PvaClientChannelStateChangeRequesterPtr const & stateChangeRequester,
    PvaClientMonitorRequesterPtr const & monitorRequester

Release 4.2 (EPICS V4.6, Aug 2016)

Release 4.1 (EPICS V4.5, Oct 2015)

pvaClient is a synchronous API for pvAccess.

This is the first release of pvaClientCPP. It provides an API that is similar to pvaClientJava.