Menu menuConvert

This menu defines the standard analog conversions which are included with Base. IOC applications may add choices or replace the later choices in this menu, although the first three choices must not be renamed or moved to different positions. The breakpoint table name must exactly match the choice string listed here.

IndexIdentifierChoice String
1 menuConvertSLOPE SLOPE
2 menuConvertLINEAR LINEAR
3 menuConverttypeKdegF typeKdegF
4 menuConverttypeKdegC typeKdegC
5 menuConverttypeJdegF typeJdegF
6 menuConverttypeJdegC typeJdegC
7 menuConverttypeEdegF typeEdegF(ixe only)
8 menuConverttypeEdegC typeEdegC(ixe only)
9 menuConverttypeTdegF typeTdegF
10 menuConverttypeTdegC typeTdegC
11 menuConverttypeRdegF typeRdegF
12 menuConverttypeRdegC typeRdegC
13 menuConverttypeSdegF typeSdegF
14 menuConverttypeSdegC typeSdegC