normativeTypes Module

This document summarizes the changes to the module between releases.

Release 6.0.1 (EPICS, October 2019)

Release 6.0.0 (EPICS 7.0.3, July 2019)

The new implementation is less strict in the sense that it considers types that can be converted into one another compatible with each other. For example, any Scalar is considered compatible with any other Scalar, regardless of the underlying type. Normative Types users are advised to use getAs and putFrom when getting/putting data from/into PVScalars and PVScalarArrays.

Also, isCompatible methods now disregard field order and extra fields that are not part of the specification.

This change is not expected to break any current server or client, but it will break existing clients that rely on the previous isCompatible strictness once servers start to take advantage of isCompatible now being less strict.

Release 5.2.2

Release 5.2.1 (EPICS 7.0.2, Dec 2018)

Release 5.2.0 (EPICS 7.0.1, Dec 2017)

This release contains bug fixes and minor source updates needed to build against the latest version of pvData.

Release 5.1.2 (EPICS V4.6, Aug 2016)

The main changes since release 5.1.1 are:

Release 5.1.1

The main changes since release 5.0 are:

Shared library version added

Linux shared library version numbers have been added by setting SHRLIB_VERSION (to 5.1 in this case). So shared object will be instead of

Headers and source locations have changed

Source has moved out of nt directory directly into src.

Headers have been moved into a pv directory. This facilitates using some IDEs such as Qt Creator.

src/nt/ntscalar.cpp -> src/ntscalar.cpp src/nt/ntscalar.h -> src/pv/ntscalar.h

Missing is_a implementations added

is_a(PVStructurePtr const &) implementation has been added for each type.

Release 5.0 (EPICS V4.5, Oct 2015)

This release adds support through wrapper classes and builders for the remaining Normative Types:

Release 5.0 therefore implements fully the 16 Mar 2015 version of the normativeTypes specification.

Each wrapper class has an extended API:

Other changes are:

Release 4.0 (EPICS V4.4, Dec 2014)

This is the first release of normativeTypesCPP that is part of an official EPICS V4 release. It is a major rewrite of the previous versions of normativeTypesCPP.

This release provides support through wrapper classes and builders for the following Normative Types:

Each type has a wrapper class of the same name which has functions for checking compatibility of existing PVStructures (isCompatible) and the reported types of Structures (is_a), wraps existing PVStructures (wrap, wrapUnsafe) and provides a convenient interface to all required and optional fields.

Each type has a builder which can create a Structure, a PVStructure or a wrapper around a new PVStructure. In each case optional or extra fields can be added and options such as choice of scalar type can be made.

Additional features are: