pvDatabaseCPP Module

This document summarizes the changes to the module between releases.

Release 4.5.3 (EPICS 7.0.5 Feb 2021)

Release 4.5.2 (EPICS May 2020)

Release 4.5.1 (EPICS, Nov 2019)

Release 4.5.0 (EPICS 7.0.3, Jul 2019)

Release 4.4.2 (EPICS, Apr 2019)

Formerly if a client makes a request for a subfield of a non structure field it resulted in a crash.

Now if a request is made for a subfield of a non structure field

  1. if the field is not a union an exception is thrown which is passed to the client.

  2. if the field is a union a) if more than one subfield is requested an exception is thrown b) if the subfield is the type for the current union the request succeeds c) if type is not the same an exception is thrown

Release 4.4.1 (EPICS, Mar 2019)

Release 4.4 (EPICS 7.0.2, Dec 2018)

Release 4.3 (EPICS 7.0.1, Dec 2017)

Release 4.2 (EPICS V4.6, Aug 2016)

The test is now a regression test which can be run using:

 make runtests

Release 4.1 (EPICS V4.5, Oct 2015)

This is the first release of pvDatabaseCPP.

It provides functionality equivalent to pvDatabaseJava.