Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System


vxWorks 6.x Information

This page provides a advice on configuring and using the Wind River's Workbench environment and the vxWorks 6.x RTOS with EPICS. If you discover any other information that ought to be published here, please let me know.

Note that there is a separate page provided for users of vxWorks 5.x and Wind River's Tornado.

Configuring a vxWorks 6.x image

Using the Wind River Workbench to create a vxWorks image suitable for running EPICS IOCs, the following components are required in addition to the standard components included with a new vxWorks 6.x Image Project (System Image) with a PROFILE_DEVELOPMENT Configuration Profile:

The following components are optional but will often be wanted:

These components are included in the PROFILE_DEVELOPMENT configuration by default but not required by EPICS so may safely be excluded:

vxWorks 6.6 GNU Header stdexcept

There is a bug in the GNU C++ header file stdexcept as delivered with vxWorks 6.6 which results in some undefined symbols when you try to load the IOC code. The header has been fixed in later vxWorks releases, and there may have been an official Wind River patch issued to fix this, but Erik Bjorklund has provided this patch to address the problem.

Adding a CR/CSR Master Window to the mv6100 BSP

Eric Bjorklund gave a talk at a EPICS collaboration meeting in June 2006 describing how he added support for accessing the VME CR/CSR address space to the mv6100 BSP.