APS Status Information Process Variables

The list of key process variables are categorized according to functionality.

Storage Ring Operating Parameters

TopUp Related Information

Storage Ring RF BPM Information

The alarm state of all the RF bpm's should be monitored. In medm it is possible by setting the variables display as an alarm condition. Normally the BPMs are not in alarm. However when the BPM is not in the feedback loop then the alarm is minor which is reflected in medm with yellow color. For non medm cases the .SEVR field can be monitored for the alarm conditions.

Storage Ring X-ray BPM Information

ID Information

Front End Shutter Status

Liquid Nitrogen Distribution System Information

The liquid nitrogen system is directly controlled by PLC. It is also possible to bypass the plc and control the valves directly. In order to have remote access the control of the valves have to be set in Auto mode. The EPICS interface to the LNDS is through the PLC. We strongly urge the CATs to use the epics method of controlling the valves.
Please do not use the switches in the control cabinets to open/close the valves.


APS Status Screens - Sample Medm screen images

Sample screen can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

APS Status Screens - Medm source files

APS beamline control developers can access APS operation status MEDM adl files, and all other SR status screens,
by accessing their sector's dserv filesystem at /APSshare/adlsys. An active APS storage ring level status screen
is available by running /APSshare/adlsys/xfd-display.