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At present this program is installed in the /usr/local/epics/extensions/idllib directory for EPICS R3.14. This program provides IDL users a widget application CALIBRATION_FACTOR to flexiblely define and calculate various image calibrations with a set of input 2D scan image_array.

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       This programs allows the user to flexibly define the calibration
       function and perform 2D image calibration for a given set of
       2D scan images. 

       CALIBRATION_FACTOR,Image_array,Id_def [,Xv=xv] [,Yv=yv] 
		[,Dnames=dnames] [,Dvalues=dvalues] [, No_field=no_field] 
                [,Inpath=inpath] [,Classname=classname] 
                [,Title=title] [, GROUP=Group] 

   IMAGE_ARRAY  -  Specify the 2D image array
   ID_DEF[85]   -  Specify the vector of detector indicator definition
                   0 not defined, 1 defined

   DNAMES       - Specify the list for detector names
   DVALUES[85]  - Specify the vector of multiplication factors for detectors
                  default to 1.
   XV[WIDTH]    - Specify the vector of real X position values
                  default to index array
   YV[HEIGHT]   - Specify the vector of real Y position values
                  default to index array
   NO_FIELD     - Specify the desired number of sequential image operations
                  in the calibration function, default to 1
   TITLE        - Specify the calibration window title description 
                  default to 'Calibration'
   CLASSNAME    - Specify the prefix classname for calibration file to be saved
                  default to ''
                  For uniqueness use the raw (or source) data file name 
                  without path as the classname
   INPATH       - Specify the input file path directory
                  default to ''
   GROUP        - Specify the parent Group widget ID, destroy of the parent
                  widget resulting the destroy of this calibration program 
   VERS      - Specify the new synApps 4.6 detector names used

    Following example calls the calibration program with known image_array,
    id_def, xv, yv 


       Written by:     Ben-chin Cha, Jan 19, 1999.
       01-11-2001      Add the keyword DNAME to override the default detname 
       01-25-2001      Set default selection to F01*D01
       07-11-2002      Fix ASCII report when real x,y values desired

(See calibration_factor.pro)