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At APS this program is installed in the /usr/local/epics/extensions/idllib directory for EPICS R3.14. This program normally is automatically invoked by the script command catcher.

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	Emulate the operation of a variable-sized box cursor (also known as
	a "marquee" selector).

	Interactive graphics.

	BOX_CURSOR, x0, y0, nx, ny [, INIT = init] [, FIXED_SIZE = fixed_size]

	No required input parameters.

	x0, y0, nx, and ny give the initial location (x0, y0) and 
	size (nx, ny) of the box if the keyword INIT is set.  Otherwise, the 
	box is initially drawn in the center of the screen.

	INIT:  If this keyword is set, x0, y0, nx, and ny contain the initial
	parameters for the box.

	FIXED_SIZE:  If this keyword is set, nx and ny contain the initial
	size of the box.  This size may not be changed by the user.

	MESSAGE:  If this keyword is set, print a short message describing
	operation of the cursor.

	x0:  X value of lower left corner of box.
	y0:  Y value of lower left corner of box.
	nx:  width of box in pixels.
	ny:  height of box in pixels. 

	The box is also constrained to lie entirely within the window.


	A box is drawn in the currently active window.  It is erased
	on exit.

	Works only with window system drivers.

	The graphics function is set to 6 for eXclusive OR.  This
	allows the box to be drawn and erased without disturbing the
	contents of the window.

	Operation is as follows:
	Left mouse button:   Move the box by dragging.
	Middle mouse button: Resize the box by dragging.  The corner
		nearest the initial mouse position is moved.
	Right mouse button:  Exit this procedure, returning the 
			     current box parameters.

	DMS, April, 1990.
	DMS, April, 1992.  Made dragging more intutitive.
	June, 1993 - Bill Thompson
			prevented the box from having a negative size.
       04-18-96   bkc  Made the box color more visible.
       05-28-98   bkc  Reset bounding box color 

(See catcher_v1.pro)


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       EPICS 3.12.2 Scan record data acquistion tool.

       This program provides the EPICS user a convenient IDL data 
       acquistion tool.  It calls the IDL external CA functions which 
       are defined in the ezcaIDL package. 

       Currently, this program can capture both 1D and 2D scan data
       through setting monitor on the EPICS scan record. During data
       acquisition it also provides real-time plotting. Post acquisition
       it also provides primitive 1D and 2D post data plot and analysis. 
       Each scan record can support up-to four positioners and fifteen




     CONFIG:   Specifies the configuration file to be saved when data
               catcher is normally terminated. If not specified, the 
               default configuration file name 'catch1d.config' is 
     DATA:     Specifies the data file name to be used for appending 
               new captured scan data. If not specified, the default 
               data file name 'catch1d.trashcan.xdr' is assumed.
     ENVFILE:  Specifies the environment (process variables) file to
               be saved with the captured scan data. If not specified,
               the default environment file name 'catch1d.env' is 
     NOSAVE:   Turns off the autosave feature. If it is specified, the
               data catcher will be able to display the life data but
               data will not be recorded.
     VIEWONLY: Runs the data catcher as a scan data browser. If it is 
               specified, it can only display the recorded scan data 
               from a saved data file. 
     GROUP:    The widget ID of the group leader of the widget.  If this 
               keyword is specified, the death of the group leader results in
               the death of CATCHER_V1.

       It provides realtime plot and various post acquistion 1D and
       2D surface plot. In addition of DATA file is saved, if 2D scan 
       is detected the DATA.image file will also be saved at the end 
       of 2D scan. Various levels of report files can also be generated 
       by this program.  All the file generated will be prefixed by the 
       DATA file name.


       It is capable to detect scan invoked by outside channel access

       Supports EPICS 3.12.2 and later scan record.

       For live data acquisition: boot the IOC first, setup and initialize
       the scan records, setup the run ezcaIDL environment, run IDL,
       then start up the data catcher at the IDL prompt. 
       A simplified UNIX script file catcher can be used for starting up 
       this program. For help on catcher enter "catcher -h" at the UNIX

       Use default setting for config, envfile, and data file


       Override the default setting for config, envfile, and data file, 
       the 'test' is used for this example.

       CATCHER_V1, CONFIG='test.config', ENVFILE='test.env', DATA='test.dat'

       Written by:     Ben-chin K. Cha, 02-27-96.

       04-16-96  bkc  - Reduce the data catcher window size by moving scan 
                        pvname entries to a pop up setup window 
                      - Realtime trend plot against the real time axis is 
                      - Realtime plot also displays the scan record name
                      - Fix various miscellaneous replot bugs
                      - Add option of accessing HTML documents on help menu 

       04-29-96 bkc   - Modified pv status, main window manager, release
                        note 1.4
       09-30-96 bkc   - Implemented more new features, dialog windows, 
                        exceptional catches, check for non saved scan
                        data, improve the efficiency, release note 1.5.1 
       11-07-96 bkc   - Monitor positioner readback name, debug option,
                        various realtime plot option
       12-13-96 bkc   - Modified index file updating, aborting 2D scan,
                        image file location, report location
       07-23-97 bkc   - Added image strip to show all 15 detectors 2D image 
                        (two sizes are available); 
                        Added the support for different operating system, eg
                        UNIX or W95 (see SYSTEM_BLOCK, os.init);
                        Modified to run under IDL4.0.1 as well as IDL5.0 
       08-08-97 bkc   - Release R2.1 changes
                        Fix the problem of 'No Save', wrong X, Y array due 
                        to user aborting 2D scans from the MEDM screen
                        Database desc info for detectors are added to 
                        the 2D image data
       09-08-97 bkc   - Release R2.2.X changes
                        Supports both XDR and native type data format
                        If no configuration file exists, it defaults to XDR 
                        Add the curve fitting menu support
			 Add the color support for the 24 bit visual display
			 Fix the problem with xmax plot range exceeds the 
                        valid int range 64000
       01-28-98 bkc   - Fix the trend analysis problem if time exceeds 32000
                        Fix the error in standard deviation calc if max occurs
                        at y(0)
       02-04-98 bkc   - Add realtime 2D image options for any selected detector
       02-06-98 bkc   - Fix the realtime problem of setting NPTS exceeds 1724
                        Fix the problem with 2D header on 1D drawing area
                        Fix automatic ylog plot scale problem 
       02-11-98 bkc   - Allows the user enter any Y scan PV name 
			 Automatic figure out bad file selected 
       02-19-98 bkc   - Load default color table once only, use the common
                        color table between view1d, view2d, default line 
			 color defined in catch1d.tbl save by IDL5
       02-27-98 bkc   - Make the File menu sensitive if 'NoSave' is specified
                        in configuration file for 2D scan
       03-02-98 bkc   - Fix Y log plot yrange not defined problem
       03-13-98 bkc   - Fix the realtime plot problem for loading table 
                        positioner array 
       03-24-98 bkc   - Fix the problem of runtime version the user specified
                        configuration file did not get updated but the 
                        'catch1d.config' got updated
       04-14-98 bkc   - Add checking for the wrong type of file picked 
       04-15-98 bkc   - Fix the print problem in cw_term function 
       05-15-98 bkc   - Eliminate the repeat of 1st scan in 2D scan
                        Use P1DV value as y(0) value for 1D plot 
       09-26-98 bkc   - Add Y-vector to hold the y-value for 2D scan (dim 2001)
       11-24-98 bkc   - R2.2.2b
                        New data acquisition will be saved in XDR format.
                        Data catcher will be in viewing mode only if the old 
                        data is used. 
                        Fix the read problem introduced by the user due to 
                        too many characters entered in the comment field.
       12-08-98 bkc   - R2.2.2c Port to W95
       01-12-99 bkc   - Dynamic read in u_read,PS_open,cw_term sources
       01-20-99 bkc   - Fix nosave option at start up it stays nosave option 
                        until a new file is entered 
                      - Fix viewonly option at start up it stays nosave option 
                        until a new file is entered 
       02-02-99 bkc   - R2.2.2.c+
                        Fix the File->Copy option it will not work if detectors;                        number exceeds 11
                        Add the pop up message window to warn user if the 1D
                        monitor pvname in config file is not same as in data file
       03-11-99 bkc   - Update Save As ... in XDR format
                        Add the fixIndexFile support in File Menu
                        Fix the problem caused by Start/Prior Pos setting in 2Dscan
       03-19-99 bkc   - Fix the problem starting catcher with blank new file
       03-23-99 bkc   - Fix the plot title for 1D scan 
       04-15-99 bkc   - R2.2.2c1
                        Fix the problem associated with 1D scan aborted by the 
                        operator sometimes the scan record is still in busy 
                        state and the scan record return arrays have not been 
                        updated yet such that old scan value is saved
       04-15-99 bkc   - Check for the case empty environment data set is used 
       05-24-99 bkc   - R2.2.2c2
                        Add 2D ROI support, TIFF, GIF
       06-17-99 bkc   - R2.2.2c3
                        Check for nosave mode if same file been used by other
                        catcher at startup time
       07-17-99 bkc   - R2.2.2c4
                        Use the lock file system to check for nosave mode
       08-26-99 bkc   - R2.2.2c5
                        Do not reset plot range after zooming
                        Eliminate the extra set of 2D images
       08-26-99 bkc   - R2.2.2c6
                        Fix 2D image X axis for relative and absolute scan mode
                        View report button automatically created report if not ;                        existed yet
                        Add FWHM on Y and DY item in statistic menu
                        Automatic load the first curve into the ez_fit program
                        Upgraded Plot1D plot package
       11-11-99 bkc   - R2.2.2c7
                        Plugin calibration program to panimage menu
                        PanImage menu supports saving TIFF/RTIFF/GIF images
                        Creating ASCII/TIFF/GIF/CALIB/ROI directory for saving
                        respective type of files
                        Increase X,Y vector array to 2001 in view2D
       01-27-00 bkc   - R2.2.2c7+
                        View2d R2.3g+ with set new 2D positions
       05-15-00 bkc   - R2.2.2c8
                        Fix the plot broblem if the request NPTS is set to 2 
                        by the user. If NPTS is set to 1, data is duplicate 
                        once to get around the oplot problem.
                        Change the dialog info if configuration error is
                        detected, it allows the user re-enter the File menu.
       08-31-00 bkc   - Add the error handling for null file entered 
       12-06-00 bkc   - R2.2.2c8+
                        Fix realtime panimage window problem
                        Replace GIF by XDR saving options in view2d, plot2d
       06-30-01 bkc   - R2.2.2c9
                        Fix xtitle with positioner number
	08-01-01 bkc     Modified the PV goto dialog according to the readin 
			 positioner values
       01-16-02 bkc   - Modified scan setup dialog
       03-12-02 bkc   - Add 2D scan ranges setup
                        Modified regessfit, lorentzian, readascii
                        Add bkg color button to plot1d, ez_fit
                        Modified 1D Goto based on the input file
       03-19-02 bkc   - Save 2D image at the end of each 1D scan
                        Add a variation error function FUNCT_ERF1 to
       03-17-03 bkc   - Add option of selecting 'PS ratio' droplist
       10-24-03 bkc   - R2.2.2c10  Ported to IDLVM for window
     			 Fix problem encountered in WIN save file
			 spawn,/noshell,rm,wc,index file etc...
       12-03-03 bkc   - R3.0  Support old/new scan record
       04-06-04 bkc   - R3.1  Support TrueColor devices
       10-12-04 bkc   - R3.2  Fix 24 bit realtime line color scheme
			 Add zoom pan left,right,up,down dialog
			 Plot1d plot options remember previous setting 

(See catcher_v1.pro)


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	Display an ASCII text file using widgets and the widget manager.



     Filename:	A scalar string that contains the filename of the file
		to display.  The filename can include a path to that file.

	FONT:   The name of the font to use.  If omitted use the default
	GROUP:	The widget ID of the group leader of the widget.  If this 
		keyword is specified, the death of the group leader results in
		the death of XDISPLAYFILE.

	HEIGHT:	The number of text lines that the widget should display at one
		time.  If this keyword is not specified, 24 lines is the 

	TEXT:	A string or string array to be displayed in the widget
		instead of the contents of a file.  This keyword supercedes
		the FILENAME input parameter.

	TITLE:	A string to use as the widget title rather than the file name 
		or "XDisplayFile".

	WIDTH:	The number of characters wide the widget should be.  If this
		keyword is not specified, 80 characters is the default.

	BLOCK:  Set this keyword to have XMANAGER block when this application 
	        is registered. By default the Xmanager keyword NO_BLOCK 
	        is set to 1
	No explicit outputs.  A file viewing widget is created.

	Triggers the XMANAGER if it is not already in use.


	Open a file and create a widget to display its contents.

	Written By Steve Richards, December 1990
	Graceful error recovery, DMS, Feb, 1992.
       12 Jan. 1994  - KDB
               If file was empty, program would crash. Fixed.
       4 Oct. 1994     MLR Fixed bug if /TEXT was present and /TITLE was not.
      14 Jul. 1995     BKC Increased the max line to variable size.
      16 Jun. 1997     BKC Max dispalyable line is 10000 for non-unix OS system.
      28 Aug. 1997     BKC Add the printer button, file name label, it uses the
                       PS_print,file to print.
      30 Jul. 2002     BKC Add the block, modal keywords take care the 
                       animation help problem
      09 Aug  2002     BKC fix the problem with no input filename case

(See catcher_v1.pro)