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At APS this program is installed in the /usr/local/epics/extensions/idllib directory for EPICS R3.14. This is a general purpose of 2D plot package.

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       This routine provides a general purpose, flexible generic 2D plot
       package.  It provides 2D TV, SURFACE, CONTOUR, and SHADE_SURF plot.
       It is very simple to use and provides various features of 
       adjusting 2D plot area, size, style, title, comment, etc.  

       The window generated by this routine will be resizable by the
       window manager.

       Depress the 'Print' button will generate a postscript copy of the



       PLOT2D, DATA [,TLB] [,WIN]

       DATA:   The 2D array to be plotted.

       XARR:   Set this keyword to specify the corresponding x vector values.

       YARR:   Set this keyword to specify the corresponding y vector values.

       TITLE:  Set this keyword to specify the plot title string.

       XTITLE: Set this keyword to specify the xtitle string.

       YTITLE: Set this keyword to specify the ytitle string.

       ZTITLE: Set this keyword to specify the ztitle string.

       CHARSIZE: Set this keyword to specify the plot charsize, default 1.

       CLASSNAME:  Set classname used in output file construction.

       COMMENT:  Set this keyword to write any notes on the graph.

       RXLOC:  Set notes X ratio to plot device width, default 0.01.

       RYLOC:  Set notes Y ratio to plot device height, default 0.98.

       STAMP:  Print the time stamp on the graph.

       WTITLE: Set this keyword to specify the window title string,
               default to 'Plot2d'.

       WIDTH:  The initial window width at the creation time, which
               default to 500 pixel.
       HEIGHT: The initial window height at the creation time, which
               default to 450 pixel.

       AX:     This keyword specifies the rotated angle about the x-axis.
               AX>0 toward the viewer, AX<0 away from the viewer, default
               +30 degree (Surface plot)

       AZ:     This keyword specifies the rotated angle about the z-axis,
               default 30 degree. (Surface plot)

       LEGO:   This keyword specifies the z value as stacked histogram
               style plot. (Surface plot)

       SHADE:  This keyword specifies the color shade for the surface plot. 

       GROUP:  The widget ID of the group leader of the widget. If this
               keyword is specified, the death of the group leader results
               in the death of PLOT2D.

       NCOLORS: If this keyword is specified, it overrides the actual size 
                of the color table used in plot2d.

	ITOOLS:  If specified the iTools menu is added

	IJOFFSET: [Ix,Iy] specifies offset indices of data array extracted 
		  from the original data array (used for Query Sub ROI...)

       TLB: The widget ID of the top level base returned by the PLOT2D.

       WIN: The window ID of the drawing area used by the PLOT2D.


       The max and min value will be shown as the default comment.

       For contour plot only 12 levels are allowed.

    Example 1 - Create a resizable 2D plot without any title or label

	     PLOT2D, Data

    Example 2 - Create a resizable 2D plot with real X,Y values, title, stamp,
       Xtitle and Ytitle specification. 


       Written by:     Ben-chin Cha, Dec 16, 1998.
       12-22-1998      Add zoom in/out button to control X, Y margins
       01-15-1999      Allow 5 comment lines on plot
                       Replace base widget MAIN13 by Plot2dMAIN13
       03-05-1999      Add Plot Options support to let user set the plot
                       margins, title, labels, color table, various
                       plot style, etc.
       03-17-1999      Add TV image options
       05-14-1999      Add colorbar, save TIFF and GIF options
       11-23-1999      Save images in TIFF/GIF destination directory
                       Add option of N contour levels field 
                       Remove the common block definition
       01-24-2000      Add TV step # or axis options
       06-01-2000      Add colorbar_config dialog, and toggle the colorbar to
                       get the colorbar redraw correctly
                       Add classname for automatically generate output file
       12-05-2000      Replace save 2D data as GIF by XDR option
       02-15-2001      Add Data button to support 'plot2d.txt' report option
       03-09-2001      Add xsize,ysize keyword to plot2d
                       Default backgrand color change to white
                       Initial colorbar use relative location
                       PS use the TVRD exactly as shown on screen
       05-29-2001      Add ascii format control on data output
                       Allow the Color bar width, height ajustment
       09-21-2001      Post script plot same as window size
       01-18-2002      Add the PICK1D button to access plot1d, and ezfit
       03-26-2002      Add drawing normalized X,Y profile event
       05-01-2002      Add ncolors keyword, MMB event, check for max colors
       03-01-2004      Add extraction of ROI dialog, RMB events (zoom) in 
                       drawing area
			Add query of value for i,j index event
			Add set z-value at the i,j index event
			Add top value color value event
			Add equal aspect ratio option to Plot Options dialog

(See plot2d.pro)