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At APS this program is installed in the /usr/local/epics/extensions/idllib directory for EPICS R3.14. This program allows the user to view 2D image data. This program can be directly accessed by the catcher or viewer.

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	Emulate the operation of a variable-sized box cursor (also known as
	a "marquee" selector).

	Interactive graphics.

	BOX_CURSOR, x0, y0, nx, ny [, INIT = init] [, FIXED_SIZE = fixed_size]

	No required input parameters.

	x0, y0, nx, and ny give the initial location (x0, y0) and 
	size (nx, ny) of the box if the keyword INIT is set.  Otherwise, the 
	box is initially drawn in the center of the screen.

	INIT:  If this keyword is set, x0, y0, nx, and ny contain the initial
	parameters for the box.

	FIXED_SIZE:  If this keyword is set, nx and ny contain the initial
	size of the box.  This size may not be changed by the user.

	MESSAGE:  If this keyword is set, print a short message describing
	operation of the cursor.

	x0:  X value of lower left corner of box.
	y0:  Y value of lower left corner of box.
	nx:  width of box in pixels.
	ny:  height of box in pixels. 

	The box is also constrained to lie entirely within the window.


	A box is drawn in the currently active window.  It is erased
	on exit.

	Works only with window system drivers.

	The graphics function is set to 6 for eXclusive OR.  This
	allows the box to be drawn and erased without disturbing the
	contents of the window.

	Operation is as follows:
	Left mouse button:   Move the box by dragging.
	Middle mouse button: Resize the box by dragging.  The corner
		nearest the initial mouse position is moved.
	Right mouse button:  Exit this procedure, returning the 
			     current box parameters.

	DMS, April, 1990.
	DMS, April, 1992.  Made dragging more intutitive.
	June, 1993 - Bill Thompson
			prevented the box from having a negative size.
       04-18-96   bkc  Made the box color more visible.
       05-28-98   bkc  Reset bounding box color 

(See view2d.pro)


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       This program provides the EPICS user a convenient IDL 2D scan data 
       display tool.  Its input image file is automatically saved by the  
       data catcher program CATCHER_V1. 

       Currently, this program provides TV, SURFACE, CONTOUR, SHOW3, and 
       PLOT2D plot. It also provides simple xz, yz line plot and data
       value query information.




     GROUP:    The widget ID of the group leader of the widget.  If this 
               keyword is specified, the death of the group leader results in
               the death of VIEW2D.

     FILE:    The input image file name.  If this keyword is specified, the
              file should contain the image data must be in the data catcher
              created format. 
     XDR:     If specified, indicates that the input is in XDR format.

       It provides option of postscript plot of drawing area.


	Drawing area is 460 x 400 pixels.

       This program is available as an epics/extensions tool. It can be
       directly accessed from the view data menu of the CATCHER_V1.  

       Written by:     Ben-chin K. Cha, 02-27-96.
       04-29-96 bkc  Add image button, 2d scan #, on-line help      	
       09-30-96 bkc  Add cross hair to reflect the cursor position      	
       11-21-96 bkc  Text window image out include x,y array vales     	
		      Option of save and load private color map
                     Take care out of sync 2D scan #
                     Modify XZ, YZ profile distributions
       12-13-96 bkc  Add zoom-in, zoom-off, printer support,
                     color PS plot, rewrite TV, equal aspect TV
                     ratio, reverse PS video, cursor features, etc
       04-11-97 bkc  Call the MAX function to give the max location
       08-08-97 bkc  Release R2.1
                     Cursor position readout fixed by catcher R2.1
                     Fix the Y title cut off problem for PostScript 
                     More useful plots and printouts info for TV screen
                     and PostScript output
                        min, max values and locations
                        detector database  description
                        positioner database description
       12-15-97 bkc  Release R2.2
                     Add the curve fitting support
                     Rename Refresh button to ReNew
                     Use scroll window for base widget
                     Reverse PS color becomes an option in PS_printer setup 
                     Contour plot support 24 bit visual device
                     ASCII ... allows the user override default filename
				try data directory first, then start directory,
				then home directory
       01-12-98 bkc  Modify the view2d.init file to increase the allowable 
                     image size to 1000x1000
       04-09-98 bkc  Release R2.3
                     If bad image data detected, at least let the user view
                     all the good image so far read into view2d
       05-14-98 bkc  TV legend uses the first color entry from the color table
                     If reverse legend color is set, use the last color entry
                     from the color table
       05-26-98 bkc  Remove scroll bar problem on the main window
       08-31-98 bkc  Release R2.3a
                     Fix the problem of only 1 set of 2D scan in data, 
                     Add nodata keyword for axis plot for TV image
       09-31-98 bkc  Release R2.3b
                     Add save image option for AIM program
       01-09-99 bkc  Release R2.3c,  replace the XSURFACE by PLOT2D 
                     Dynamic read in u_read PS_open cw_term plot1d plot2d source 
                     Fix the TV plot problem of Step # option
       05-14-99 bkc  release R2.3d
                     Add colorbar, scan2d_roi support
                     Add the option of saving as TIFF or GIF useing rename dialog
       06-02-99 bkc  release R2.3e
                     Tiff, gif data will be saved under TIFF directory
                     Add 2D-ROI menu, ROIs..., UpdtRpt..., AppendRpt...
                     Add scan2dROIRpt for all detectors for a given 2D scanno
       09-14-99 bkc  release R2.3f
                     open_binary_type default to XDR  (support alpha too)
                     Add 2D image ASCII report format option
       11-02-99 bkc  release R2.3g
                     Add support of saving TIFF/GIF pan images
                     Upgrade the readascii user interface with table support
                     Add support of image calibration
                     New files saved will be in corresponding sub-directory
       01-20-00 bkc  Increase the X,Y array to 2001
                     Suppress the axis plot of TV if constant value is found
       01-25-00 bkc  Automatically set the Xmin,Xmax,Ymin,Ymax widget
                     release R2.3g+
                     Add the set new postions button if caInit found
       06-01-00 bkc  Release R2.3h
                     Add the Color->ColorBar Config ... dialog for configuring
                     the colorbar on 2D image
       12-05-00 bkc  Release R2.3h+
                     Delete GIF, add XDR option save image as XDR data
                     Modify plot2d save in XDR too
       06-13-01 bkc  Release R2.4
                     Add the option of plot against to P2,P3,P4 X axis
                     Add re-assign dnames to dcviewer driver
                     Read user preferred detector names from '.tmpName'
                     Scan2d_roi support save filter ROI to pass into multiroi
       03-20-02 bkc  Release R2.5
                     Add XL,XR,YL,YR fields reflecting ROI for scan
                     Add set new 2D scan start and end position
       05-07-02 bkc  Add ranges to XDR image save
                     Modify the user interface of Image Color Scheme
       04-07-04 bkc  Add replace TIFF by PNG 
       05-19-04 bkc  Release R2.5.1
                     Add the Log Scale color On/Off option to allow more 
                     colors displayed in case of weak background signal

(See view2d.pro)