MDA Utilities

The MDA Utilities are programs and a library written for use with MDA files, as created by saveData in EPICS.

The source code and releases can also be found on github.

Converts MDA files into an ASCII format, suitable for use with a plotting program. It has many options, and handles data sets of any dimension.
Does a dump of all the information held within an MDA file, exactly as it is stored.
Lists the MDA files in a directory with some scan parameters.
Shows basic information as well as detectors, positioners, and triggers from an MDA file.
This script converts a directory tree of MDA files into a new parallel directory tree populated by ASCII files, ignoring all non-MDA files.
mda-load library
This library is used to load MDA files, and can be used to write custom applications.

For support of directly loading MDA files into MATLAB or Octave, go here.

Version 1.4.2 release (July 2018)

The utilities has been built on Debian Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Mac OS X, requiring no special external libraries. It can also been built for Windows, although it's takes manual configuration (I used MinGW on Red Hat Enterprise Linux), and an optional XDR hack is included as Windows lacks a native XDR library.

Changes from 1.4.1 to 1.4.2:

Previous Releases

Maintained by Dohn Arms.