synApps: busy

Module Owner: APS/AOD/BCDA: Tim Mooney

This page is the home of the synApps busy module. This module contains the busy record, which allows CA clients to indicate completion in a way that works with EPICS putNotify/ca_put_callback mechanism.

GitHub repository: https://github.com/epics-modules/busy

Please email any comments and bug reports to Tim Mooney, who is responsible for coordinating development and releases.

Where to find it

You can download the software from the links in the table below:

Module Version Release date EPICS Release Filename Documentation Release Notes Known Problems
R1-6-1 11/10/2014 busy_R1-6-1.tar.gz busyRecord.html busyReleaseNotes.html None
R1-6 5/23/2013 busy_R1-6.tar.gz busyRecord.html busyReleaseNotes.html None
R1-4 10/11/2011 busy_R1-4.tar.gz busyRecord.html busyReleaseNotes.html None
R1-3 4/27/2010 3.14.11 busy_R1-3.tar.gz busyRecord.html busyReleaseNotes.html None
R1-2 11/20/2009 3.14.10 busy_R1-2.tar.gz busyRecord.html busyReleaseNotes.html None
R1-1 1/21/2009 3.14.10 busy_R1-1.tar.gz busyRecord.html busyReleaseNotes.html None

Required Modules

busy version Requires module Release needed
asyn (will build without it, minus asyn device support) 4.23
asyn (will build without it, minus asyn device support) 4.21
asyn (will build without it, minus asyn device support) 4.18
asyn (will build without it, minus asyn device support) 4.13
asyn (will build without it, minus asyn device support) 4.10
asyn (will build without it, minus asyn device support) 4.10

Installation and Building

After obtaining a copy of the distribution, it must be installed and built for use at your site. These steps only need to be performed once for the site (unless versions of the module running under different releases of EPICS and/or the other required modules are needed).

  1. Unzip and untar the distribution, e.g. on Unix:
    gunzip busy_R1-0.tar.gz
    tar xvf busy_R1-0.tar
    Usually this is done in an EPICS 'support' directory. It will produce the subdirectory
  2. Edit the config/RELEASE file of the application that will use busy to point to this directory.
  3. Edit busy's configure/RELEASE file and set the paths to your installation of EPICS base and to your versions of other dependent modules.
  4. Run gnumake in the top level directory and check for any compilation errors.
  5. Please email  Tim Mooney  so that a record can be kept of which sites are using this software.


The following documentation is available:

In Use

This software was originally developed by the APS BCDA group, other APS-affiliated developers, and many members of the EPICS Collaboration.