ip -Release Notes

Release 2-3, March 3, 2004

Tested against base 3.14.5; mpf 2.4.2; ipac 2.7a; seq 2.0.8

New support:

New display files:

Generic serial database no longer sets serial port parameters.

New documentation:

Release 1-2, March 6, 2002

Additions to ipApp/Db: Additions to ipApp/src: Modifications in ipApp/src: Modification in ipApp/op/adl:


December 4, 1999

Changes made to ipApp since synApps_R3.13.1.1. The most important change is the addition of support for the Message Passing Facility, MPF.

Most of these are simple conversions of the corresponding Hideos device support. The only exception is devAiMKSMPF.cc which is new device support for the HPS MKS vacuum gauge controller.

Note that the DTYP string defined for the MPF device support is the same as the old Hideos DTYPE, for example "Hideos lo stringParm" or "Hideos ai HeidND261". This was done to allow conversion to MPF without having to modify the databases at all. At some point it would be good to modify ipShare.dbd to give the DTYPs names which reflect the fact that they are for both MPF and Hideos, not just Hideos. This will require changing all of the databases as well.