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Data Visualization Tools

A collection of Data Visulization Tools written in IDL programming language is presented in this talk.

The complete mouse driven IDL widget application scanSee is presented in detail. It can monitor scan record and display the near real-time 1D/2D scan data. It provides powerful post scan visualization and simple analysis features for 1D/2D/3D scan. The sharable visualization/analysis sub-programs are also discussed, they are designed to be re-usable by any other IDL programs. Some examples of scan object methods are also presented for displaying and extracting data from scan file.

It is trying to answer the following questions for interested users.

          What are the EPICS/IDL visualization tools? 
          What are the catcher/viewer and canSee/sscan? 
          What are the common/sharable display and analysis tools?
          What are the hdfb/h5b? 
          What is the system setup requirement?
	  What analysis and output features are available in scanSee?
          How to access stand-alone tools and IDLVM tools?
          How to extract MDA/catcher scan data by object methods?
          How to access ezcaIDL functions?

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