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CAS: Channel Access Server Library

This page provides access to all the Channel Access Server documentation that I'm aware of.


The following documents are available. Textual links are to HTML documents, other formats are indicated by an icon link.

Software Download

The Channel Access Server library was part of EPICS Base up until the release of EPICS 7, at which time it was unbundled and published in its own GitHub repository. Future releases of the software can be downloaded from the releases page.

See Also

There is an example CAS application template included with the software. For older versions of Base, to create an instance of this template in the current directory do:

/path/to/base/bin/arch/makeBaseApp.pl -t caServer myServer

When using the unbundled pcas module with EPICS 7 or later, the command needed is:

/path/to/base/bin/arch/makeBaseApp.pl -T /path/to/pcas/templates/makeBaseApp/top -t caServer myServer

Some server tools available online that use this library include CaSnooper, the CA Nameserver, and the PV Gateway in increasing order of complexity.