IRMIS Collaboration Meeting

March 9-11, 2005
Advanced Photon Source,
Argonne National Laboratory

Agenda and Presentations

Session A: Laboratory Perspectives

Presentations of each laboratory's requirements and understanding of the relational database project. This discussion will provide a high level requirements/wish list.

  1. N. Arnold, APS
  2. D. Gurd, SNS
  3. C. Sibley, SNS
  4. R. Chestnut, SLAC
  5. J. Stein, LCLS
  6. T. Birke, BESSY
  7. R. Keitel, TRIUMF
  8. (D. Dohan for) DIAMOND
  9. F.Bartlett FERMILAB
  10. (D. Gurd for) SLS
  11. C. Gerke, DESY

Session B: IRMIS Overview

An overview of the present status of the IRMIS project at APS.

  1. IRMIS-APS, outline, boundary conditions, issues - D. Dohan
  2. RDBCore Schema for process variables, components (devices), and cables - D. Dohan
  3. IRMIS demonstration. N. Arnold
  4. Discussion

Session C: Results, Progress & Plans

  1. PV Crawler (with time stamp) - C. Saunders
  2. Crawler extensions (proposed) - Andrew Johnson
  3. EPICS databases using JERI - J. Patton, C. Foulkes, C. Sibley
  4. Device Data and EpicsOra - DESY results - J. Rock, C. Gerke

Session D: User Interface and Applications

Presentations and Discussion

  1. PV Viewer and the CFW. - C. Saunders
  2. Java RDB API and Object-Relational Modeling - C. Saunders
  3. JERI directions in XAL. J. Patton
  4. CFW Internal Multiple Documents - C. Saunders
  5. XAL/CFW discussion - T. Pelaia, C. Saunders, C. Foulkes, etc.
  6. What's next? - Ned Arnold
  7. Epics V4 functional requirements report - Marty Kraimer

Session E: Open Workshop, Discussion

  1. Extending RDBCore - SNS experience J. Patton
  2. ORM and extending RDBCore - C. Saunders
  3. PV Crawler How to - C. Saunders
  4. PV Usage-by-Client how-to - C. Saunders
  5. Capfast Device Instantiation from RDB - R. Keitel
  6. Workshop summary

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