EPICS Collaboration Meeting

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This year's EPICS Collaboration meeting will take place in Oak Ridge.
The schedule is:
As for the exact location:
The meeting is highly likely to happen in the SNS building. I copied this PDF map from the SNS web site: It's not part of the main ORNL complex but just south of the town of Oak Ridge. In the map it can be found next to the Y12 plant, labeled "SNS Project Office".


There has been some back and forth concerning a conference fee. The most recent outcome: No fee, no catered lunch but some coffee and doughnuts.


Before the meeting by Bob Dalesio, [email protected].


After the meeting, with links to all the files.


If you haven't registered by now, you will not show up on the list of attendees. Otherwise I assume it's OK for you to just appear at the meeting.


This is a list of people who said they are likely to be at the meeting.

Hotels, Transportation, local attractions

At Oak Ridge, Gail McNabb (865-241-3145, [email protected]) might be able to help with hotels. She managed to get a special rate at the
Garden Plaza Hotel
215 S Illinois Ave.
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Tel. (865) 481-2468
The Garden Plaza had blocked 40 rooms with check in on 11/14 and out of 11/16 for this meeting at $55.00 plus 13.25% tax. The cut off date was 11/1/00.
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