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Soft Support: New Entry

  • This form allows you to submit a new entry to the EPICS Soft Support list.
  • An example of the entry expected in each field is given to the right of the entry box.
  • The Contact Email address will be obscured slightly in the published list, to try and reduce the effects of spam harvesting.
  • Please fill in the Link URL and Link Text boxes only if more information about this module's support software is accessible via that link (preferably including the actual source code). Giving a link to a general-purpose page that doesn't lead to more information about the support module is of little use to someone who wants to find out more about your software.
  • Submissions are subject to approval and editing by the list maintainer, entries are not added to the list automatically, so if you are a link spammer you are merely wasting your (and my) time using this form.

Information Required Example
Class record
Name bnot
Description Binary inverter record
Contact Name My Name
Contact Email
Link URL
Link Text SITE:bnot

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