EPICS: MPF - Message Passing Faclity

Operating System Independent Version

Module Owner: Marty Kraimer

This page is the home of MPF. The following components are provided:

MPF provides the following features: Please email any comments and bug reports to _Marty Kraimer_ who is responsible for coordinating development and releases.

This support is intended for applications that satisfy one or more of the following requirements:

Hardware Supported

Currently the only hardware support is for serial devices. Beginning with the 2-5 releases the serial support is implemented via asynDriver.

Where to Find the R2-x releases

You can download the software from the links in the table below:

Module Version EPICS Release IPAC Release Filename Documentation Release Notes Known Problems
R2-6 3.14.5 2-6 mpfosi2-6.tar.gz mpf.html
releaseNotes.html knownProblems.html
R2-5 3.14.5 2-6 mpfosi2-5.tar.gz mpf.html
releaseNotes.html knownProblems.html
R2-4-2 3.14.4 2-6 mpfosi2-4-2.tar.gz mpf.html
releaseNotes.html knownProblems.html
R2-4-1 3.14.3 2-5 mpfosi2-4-1.tar.gz mpf.html

Installation and Building

The mpf documentation explains how to install and build.
Marty Kraimer