mcf5282: Motorola MCF5282 Driver Support

Module Owner: Nick DiMonte


The mcf5282 module contains drivers for the RTEMS-uC5282 target (ColdFire MCF5282 uCDIMM) including the queued analog to digital converter, the I2C interface, the bootstrap flash memory, I/O ports GPTA/B, and the CPU load. It also provides support for flash memory connected through an external FPGA, and FPGA configuration flash memory.

Please email any comments and bug reports to Nick DiMonte who is responsible for coordinating development and releases.

Installation and Building

EPICS base and ASYN must be built first. After they have been built and the tar file has been untared:

vi configure/RELEASE
    Set the paths for EPICS_BASE and ASYN

Source Code

Modules Required

Nick DiMonte