EPICS 3.14 Support for tds3000

Module Owner: Nicholas DiMonte


The tds3000 device support is a general purpose facility for interfacing to all the oscilloscopes in the TDS 3000 series. The intent of this device support is to provide an interface though EPICS that had a simple user interface. All of the main controls on the these scopes are provided with an easy to use displays. These displays have been deveolped with MEDM which has been a proven and reliable display manager for EPICS.

Interfacing to these scopes can be accomplished though GPIB, Serial and Ethernet. All three can use the new asynDriver which is a general purpose facility for interfacing device specific code to low level communication drivers.

Hardware Supported

The module provides support for the following devices:

Note: TDS3EM is a Ethernet/Serial module and the TDS3GM is a GPIB/Serial module.

Where to Find it

You can download the software from the link in the table below:

Module Version EPICS Release Filename Documentation Release Notes
R1-1 3.14.6 tds3000_R1-1.tar.gz TBA None
R2-3 3.14.7 tds3000-2.3.tar.gz tds3000Device Release Notes
R2-4 tds3000-2.4.tar.gz tds3000Device Release Notes


After obtaining a copy of the distribution, it must be installed and built for use at your site.

After installing the tds3000 device support, download and install the Asyn Driver Support which the tds3000 needs. This can be found here. Install the latest version.

Using the software

In order to use the support in an application do the following:

Use the st.cmd file found in the TDS3000 installation directory for examples on how to use and configure the database. Also, make sure your st.cmd file uses the envParams file found in this directory.

A set of MEDM displays can be found in the TDS3000 installation directory, please read the README file in the medm subdirectory for using the displays.

Please email any comments and bug reports to Nick DiMonte who is responsible for coordinating development and releases.

Nick DiMonte