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The following table contains an index of EPICS Soft Support modules available for use within IOCs. Record types that are part of EPICS base are not listed here - see the Record Reference Manual and Release Notes for your version of base to get more information about these.

The related Hardware Support database is available sorted by Bus Type, by Manufacturer, by Contact Name, or by Link name.

To request a new entry in this table for your Soft Support module, use this form. Email corrections or questions about this page to Andrew Johnson.

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Class Name Description Contact Link
Driver (Asyn) iocshDev iocsh command device support Eric Norum APS:modules
embedded linux Build rootfs Scripts to build a minimal Linux rootfs Michael Abbott Diamond:Rootfs
facility areaDetector Support for cameras etc. Uses ASYN Mark Rivers CARS:areaDetector
facility ASYN General-purpose device interface facility Mark Rivers APS:asyn
facility asynPythonDriver An asynPortDriver in Python Wang Xiaoqiang github:asynPythonDriver
facility asynUSBTMC ASYN support for USB Test & Measurement Class devices Eric Norum SF:asynUSBTMC
facility Autosave Bumpless IOC Reboot support Tim Mooney APS:synApps/autosave
facility caPutLog Logging of CA puts to iocLogServer Benjamin Franksen BESSY:caPutLog
facility caputRecorder Record CA puts for replay in Python Tim Mooney APS:caputRecorder
facility cmlog Distributed message logging system Jie Chen JLAB:cmlog
facility dbRestore Bumpless Restart Restore from Socket or CW File Stephanie Allison SLAC:dbRestore
facility devIocStats IOC Status and Control Stephanie Allison SLAC:devIocStats
facility devLib2 DevLib extensions for PCIbus, mmio, VME64 CR/CSR Michael Davidsaver SF:devlib2
facility drvAscii Generic serial device support, uses /tyCo/n Allan Honey KECK:drvAscii
facility IOC Monitoring Extended vxStats PSI:iocmon
facility PC Monitoring Linux version of IOC Monitoring Miroslaw Dach PSI:pcmon
facility pvload Runtime save/restore utility, can also run on host Kevin Tsubota
facility pvMail Sends email when PV changes from 0 to 1 Pete Jemian APS:pvMail
facility pyDevSup A means of writing EPICS device support code in Python Michael Davidsaver github:pyDevSup
facility rtemsutils RTEMS IOC utilities (includes spy command) Eric Norum APS:modules
facility Save/Restore Bumpless IOC Reboot support Tim Mooney APS:synApps/autosave
facility sequencer SNL compiler & sequencer Benjamin Franksen BESSY:sequencer
facility StreamDevice Programmable Serial Device Support, uses ASYN Dirk Zimoch PSI:streamDevice
Interpose (Asyn) asynDribble Limits asynOctet character output rate Eric Norum APS:modules
record busy database interface to putNotify() - e.g., make a complex device useable by ca_put_callback() Tim Mooney APS:synApps/busy
record cad, car, sir, apply Implements Gemini Command/Action Layer between IOC's. Andy Foster OSL:epics
record camac Probes CAMAC Mark Rivers CARS:camacRecord
record concat Concatenate scalars & waveforms Andrew Starritt
record cvt Linear, subroutine, 1D or 2D table value conversions Benjamin Franksen BESSY:csm
record epid Enhanced PID record Mark Rivers APS:synApps/std
record genSub Multi-I/O subroutine, handles arrays Andy Foster OSL:epics
record gpib Probes GPIB Mark Rivers CARS:gpibRecord
record hiv Access LeCroy or CAEN HV mainframes McCormick
record interp General-purpose interpolation Kevin Tsubota KECK:interp.tgz
record mca Supports multichannel analyzers Mark Rivers CARS:mca
record motor Alternative to steppermotor record - different device/driver support, user/dial coordinates, backlash takeout, encoders. Ron Sluiter APS:motor
record pal Emulates PAL-type IC Matt Stettler
record sCalcout string-calc-output (cf. calcout record in base) Tim Mooney APS:synApps/calc
record scaler Control a bank of counters Tim Mooney APS:synApps/std
record serial Probes Serial Mark Rivers CARS:serialRecord
record spectrum Calculate the one-dimensional FFT of a waveform Jeff Hill APS:waveProc
record sscan Programmatically set conditions and acquire data Tim Mooney APS:synApps/sscan
record sseq string sequence (cf. seq record in base) - Execute a sequence of EPICS writes to a set of EPICS PVs; optionally, wait for completion after write. Tim Mooney APS:synApps/calc
record swait mostly superceded by calcout record - Evaluate a numeric expression; write the result to an EPICS PV; optionally wait for completion. Tim Mooney APS:synApps/calc
record table Control a six-degree-of-freedom optical table Tim Mooney APS:synApps/optics
record timestamp Timestamp record, exports its timestamp as a string Stephanie Allison SLAC:timestamp
record transferarray Splice subarray into another array Hiroshi Kaji KEK:transferarray
record transform Like 'calcout', but supports 16 expressions that can use the results of any previously evaluated expressions Tim Mooney APS:synApps/calc
record vme Probes VMEbus Mark Rivers CARS:vmeRecord
record waveAnl Compute statistics on a region of interest of a waveform APS:waveProc
soft device BACnet ai, ao, bi, bo, mbbi, stringin over BACnet/IP Brad Webb SNS:BACnet
soft device devOPC Device Support for I/O via an OPC Server Bernhard Kuner BESSY:OPCsupport
soft device devSNMP Device support for SNMP-protocol Albert Kagarmanov DESY:devSNMP
soft device devSymb VxWorks Global Symbol table device support APS:devSymb
soft device IOC-OCTAVE IOC Device support for driving the GNU OCTAVE package Miroslaw Dach PSI:octave
soft device LVDCOM Control NI LabVIEW from EPICS Freddie Akeroyd ISIS:EPICS
soft device NetShrVar Access NI Network Shared Variables from EPICS Freddie Akeroyd ISIS:EPICS
soft device PCMON Linux CPU monitoring: uptime, loadavg ... Miroslaw Dach PSI:pcmon
soft device pyDevSup Python API for writing device support Michael Davidsaver github:pyDevSup
soft device snmp-nscl Enhanced SNMP device support John A. Priller NSCL:Controls
soft device tcioc Publish TwinCAT variables as PVs Jameson Graef Rollins LIGO:tcioc
soft device vxStats-APS IOC Resource monitor for vxWorks Janet Anderson APS:vxStats
soft IOC pythonIoc EPICS IOC with Python Interpreter Linked in Michael Abbott github:pythonIoc
special function RegScanPosGen App to enable sscan scans with a variable step size J. Lewis Muir IMCA:RegScanPosGen
special function x-ray monochromator support for various x-ray monochromators (channel-cut, dispersive double crystal, spherical grating) Tim Mooney APS:synApps/optics
testing realTimePerform RTOS Performance Measurement Shifu Xu APS:rtPerf
Class Name Description Contact Link

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