A collection of records associated with processing information from waveform records.

Where to get it

Version 1.0 and the latest CVS snapshot can be downloaded from the EPICS Modules download page.


See the tar file, which contains several README files and even PDF files for the individual record types.

How to Install

Applications wishing to use one or more of these records must:

  1. Add WAVEPROC=<path_to_waveproc_top> to their configure/RELEASE file.
  2. Add <appname>_LIBS += waveProc to their application Makefile.
  3. Add include xxxxRecord.dbd to their <appname>Include.dbd for each record type they wish to use. Applications with user-supplied subroutines must add one or more registrar declarations as well.

Record Types Included

Generic subroutine support. The genSub record fits only very loosely into the 'waveform processing' classification, but provides very useful functionality and deserves to be widely distributed.
Calculate the one-dimensional FFT of a waveform.
Compute simple statistics on a region of interest.

For Developers

To build the test applications 'cd' to the src/xxxRecord directory and run 'make'.

W. Eric Norum