NB: This manual documents a 20+ year old version of EPICS, see here for the EPICS 7 Record Reference documentation.

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EPICS Record Reference Manual

Chapter 31: State

1. Introduction

The state record is a means for a state program to communicate with the operator interface. Its only function is to provide a place in the database through which the state program can inform the operator interface of its state by storing an arbitrary ASCII string in its VAL field. The state record fields fall into the following categories:

scan parameters

operator display parameters

other parameters

2. Scan Parameters

The state record has the standard fields for specifying under what circumstances it will be processed. These fields are listed in Scan Fields, Chapter 2, 2. In addition, Scanning Specification, Chapter 1, 1, explains how these fields are used.

3. Operator Display Parameters

See Chapter 2, Fields Common to All Record Types, for more on the record name (NAME) and description (DESC) fields.
FieldSummaryTypeDCTInitialAccessModifyRec Proc MonitorPP
NAMERecord NameSTRING [29]Yes0YesNoNo 
DESCDescriptionSTRING [29]YesNullYesYesNoNo

4. Alarm Parameters

The state record has the alarm parameters common to all record types. Alarm Fields, Chapter 2, 3, lists other fields related to a alarms that are common to all record types.

5. Run-time Parameters

These parameters are used by the application code to convey the state of the program to the operator interface. The VAL field holds the string retrieved from the state program. The OVAL is used to implement monitors for the VAL field. When the string in OVAL differs from the one in VAL, monitors are triggered. They represent the current state of the sequence program.
FieldSummaryTypeDCTInitialAccessModifyRec Proc MonitorPP
VALValue FieldSTRING [20]YesNullYesYesYesYes
OVALOld ValueSTRING [20]NoNullYesNo  

6. Record Support Routines

Two record support routines are provided:


process triggers monitors on VAL when it changes and scans the forward link if necessary.


get_value fills in struct valueDes so that it refers to VAL.

1. - Introduction
2. - Scan Parameters
3. - Operator Display Parameters
4. - Alarm Parameters
5. - Run-time Parameters
6. - Record Support Routines

EPICS Record Reference Manual - 19 MAY 1998
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