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HiDEOS is a software package designed to be used for development of communicating tasks in an embedded systems application environment. The initial target for this development is the Motorola MVME162 board. The reason for this choice is because of the Industry Pack Bus available on the MVME162. The package contains a preemptive, multitasking kernel and an object oriented task model with message passing support. The board support is also object oriented with classes to easily manage the Industry Pack bus. HiDEOS comes with several drivers for serial, ADC, and GPIB Industry Packs. A VME backplane driver is included for communications with other processors along with an interface library for other software packages to communicate with HiDEOS. An important attribute of this package is the ability to run the MVME162 without an additional operating system, and communiate with other boards in a VME crate.

The MVME162

The Motorola MVME162 is a VME embedded controller which operates similar to the MVME167. The MVME162 has a four slot Industry Pack bus on it. The Industry Pack boards (typically about 4"x2") plug directly onto the MVME162. Communications with Industry Pack boards usually come out of the front panel through a 50 pin ribbon cables (one per Industry Pack). Industry Packs are available to perform many different functions. Important Industry Packs for the EPICS community are the 2, 4, and 8 port RS232/RS422/RS485 serial communications interface and GPIB. The MVME162 has a 68040 CPU.


These are the documents that are currently available concerning HiDEOS.

Retrieving HiDEOS

Here is all the files needed to compile and run HiDEOS standalone on a MVME162. The first two items are HiDEOS, the GNU stuff is here are convenience. Download whatever you need. As you probably know, the gcc and binutils are fairly large. All files are GNU zip tar format, the WWW browser may automatically unzip the file for you.

HiDEOS Source

HiDEOS Executables Only

GNU Compiler Source

This is a new product. All the documentation is new and probably incomplete, please send me mail telling me what you like or do not like about it.
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