HiDEOS Details

Jim Kowalkowski

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Documentation is on the WWW.

One Time Setup Items

MVME162 HiDEOS Processor

HiDEOS home directory

Compiler Notes

OS Code Notes

OS Code is really a modified libc which runs on the HiDEOS processor, it does not change on a regular basic.

Build HiDEOS

Adjust Variables in HIDEOS_VARS

Adjust Variables in HIDEOS_VARS_vx*

Type "gnumake World" in hideos directory

Important Installed Files

Application xfd_app is the standard program to download to the 162 HiDEOS processor. Application bp_test is used under vxWorks with EPICS.

EPICS Device Support


vxWorks Start Up Script

HiDEOS Processor Information

EPICS Databases

General Device Support Names

Records used for HiDEOS will appear as VME links. Use the CARD field to specify the HiDEOS system you want to talk to. Card zero is the vxWorks EPICS processor. The SIGNAL field is device support specific. Enter the name of the HiDEOS task that you want to connect to in the PARM field of the link.