Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System


EPICS Training

EPICS Training courses have been run by various organizations at various times as the demand arises. The US Particle Accelerator School organizes an introductory course every few years.

The following commercial companies may be able to run EPICS training courses tailored to specific needs, for a fee:

Training Materials

The following are links to the training materials available online that I know about.

USPAS 2019: EPICS Control Systems

Kay Kasemir and colleagues from the SNS ran a USPAS EPICS course in Knoxville TN in January, 2019. The materials used on this course can be found here.

NSLS-II 2018: Asyn, Motion and AreaDetector

A 3-day series of lectures by Mark Rivers which are available as YouTube videos on Brookhaven's Website.

APS 2014 and 2015: EPICS Training Series

The Software Services group at APS ran a 6-month series of courses aimed at local users, with most of the lectures being recorded on video. The talks given in 2014 are here and the 2015 lectures are here.

USPAS 2014: EPICS Control Systems

The USPAS ran an EPICS course in Albuquerque NM from June 23-27, 2014. The lectures and exercises used on this course will be published here.

SNS 2013:

The SNS ran a training course in 2013, their materials are available here.

APS 2013: AES EPICS Training

A series of training days were held at the APS for new staff over the Summer of 2013. The slides and other materials are here.

AES 2011: Basic EPICS

A short beginning EPICS course was held at the APS in January 2011, the slides can be found here.

EPICS Training Classes at SLAC

The Controls group at SLAC has run a fairly active EPICS training schedule in recent years. Quicktime movies are available for several of these lectures, for example this Asyn and areaDetector course:

USPAS 2010: EPICS Control Systems

The USPAS organized an EPICS course in Boston Massachusetts from June 14-18, 2010. The lectures used on this course are available here.

PSI: EPICS Training Materials

The Swiss Light Source have made their EPICS training materials available. As part of this, they have put together a course on writing Channel Access client applications in C which looks very useful for an experienced C programmer starting out with EPICS (it would be a good idea to have a local expert configure the lessons for your site before giving it to someone to use though).

USPAS 2007: EPICS Control Systems

The USPAS organized an EPICS course in Houston, Texas from January 15-19, 2007. The lectures used on this course are available here.

SNS 2006

SNS held a training course in October 2006; their slides and other materials are available here.

USPAS 2005: EPICS Control Systems

The January 2005 USPAS in San Francisco included a 1-week EPICS course. Some time I may get around to putting these lectures online...

APS 2004-2005: EPICS "Getting Started" Lecture Series

The ASD/Controls and AOD/BCDA groups at Argonne National Laboratory coordinated a series of lectures entitled "Getting Started with EPICS" in 2004-2005. The lectures were grouped in sessions targeted towards those interested in using EPICS tools, those interested in developing EPICS-enabled programs, and those interested in working with EPICS Input/Output Controller (IOC) software.

All of the lectures were videotaped and are available as streaming video from the Lecture Series webpage.

USPAS 2003: P571 EPICS Control Systems

The 2003 USPAS at Baton Rouge, Louisianna included a 2-week EPICS course which was also the first course to use Linux IOCs running R3.14.1. The slides for this are here (you will need OpenOffice to view some of these lectures).

USPAS 1999: Ph514 Introduction to Accelerator Control Systems using EPICS

The 1999 USPAS was based at Argonne, and included a 1-week EPICS course with R3.13 IOCs running vxWorks provided by the Accelerator Systems Division controls group. The slides for this are here (you will need MS PowerPoint to view these lectures).

Observatory Sciences

Several labs have arranged for on-site training courses from Observatory Sciences Ltd. These have been mostly based on the other materials linked here, but there are some additional lectures available from their EPICS page.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

The EPICS group at LANL used to run 1-week courses teaching application development, but no longer do so. Their old Training Slides are here.