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Experimental Physics and
Industrial Control System

USPAS 2014 EPICS Course


The following lectures and demonstrations are being given at the 2014 US Particle Accelerator School course on EPICS Control Systems, held in Albuquerque, NM. Links are to PDF = Adobe Portable Document Format, ODP = Open Document Presentation, PPT = Microsoft PowerPoint or DOC = Microsoft Word document files. This course is based on EPICS Base


  1. Introduction to EPICS (WEN) PDF ODP
  2. Channel Access and Client Tools (ANJ) PDF ODP
  3. Control System Studio (KUK)
    Overview PDF PPT
    First Steps PDF PPT
    BOY Details PDF PPT
    BOY Exercises PDF DOC


  1. IOC Databases (ANJ)
    Principles PDF ODP
    Practice PDF ODP
    Creation PDF ODP
    VDCT and DB Exercises PDF ODT
  2. IOC Development (WEN) PDF ODP
  3. State Notation Language & Sequencer (KUK)
    EPICS Automation PDF PPT
    Sequencer PDF PPT
    Exercises PDF DOC


  1. Introducing Device Support (WEN) PDF ODP
  2. Existing Support Modules (ANJ) PDF ODP
  3. Using AsynDriver and StreamDevice (WEN) PDF ODP


  1. Channel Access (ANJ)
    Protocol PDF ODP
    Client Programming PDF ODP
  2. Building Base & Support Modules Demo (WEN/ANJ)


  1. Examination


The lab exercises for the course are available above,and comprised:

  1. Monday: Control System Studio (KUK)
  2. Tuesday: VDCT and Database Creation (ANJ)
  3. Tuesday: MakeBaseApp and SNL Programming (KUK)
  4. Wednesday: Developing a Device Support (WEN)
  5. Wednesday – Friday: Project (WEN)


Student grades will depend 50% on their project (WEN), and 50% on their final examination results (ANJ). Both will occur on Friday morning.

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