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EPICS Distributions

The following is a list of EPICS distributions - analagous to a Linux distribution, these collections of EPICS software have been proven to work together. It is much quicker to download and install a distribution than it would be to obtain all of the individual pieces and install them separately. Some distributions contain binaries from EPICS Base and/or various extensions, others may comprise source code only.

  • synApps is a collection of record types, device support, sequence programs and operator displays developed by the BCDA group at APS for X-ray beamline control systems and distributed as source code.
  • Debian: The NSLS-II Controls Package Repository at NSLS-II contains EPICS Base, RTEMS and CExp, EDM, DM2K and a number of modules, tools and EPICS extensions built and packaged for use with Debian Linux.
  • The ITER CODAC Core System is the development and interface kit for plant instrumentation and control systems at the international ITER project.
  • Windows Tools is a collection of EPICS libraries and extensions programs, compiled and packaged with an installer for systems running Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7). These are built using Hummingbird Exceed but can run with other Windows X-servers.
  • A VMWare/VirtualBox disk image of 32-bit Scientific Linux 5.8 containing EPICS and a number of extensions and modules is available from Creighton University. It contains Base, Sequencer 2.1.12, Asyn 4-21, MEDM 3.1.7, EDM 1.12.85, Probe, VDCT 2.6.1274 and StripTool Email Jiro Fujita to obtain the account name and password in order to use this image.
  • Hathaway TIS-4000 is a commercial SCADA package that was based on an early version of EPICS. Under the original license agreement with Tate/Hathaway, all enhancements to EPICS were to be provided back to the EPICS community. Three different releases of TIS-4000 are now available; the source for the latest of these can be browsed online.
  • Gabriele Carcassi has been pushing Java libraries that are useful to the EPICS community (for example JCA, CAL, PVData, PVAccess, pvmanager etc.) to the Maven central repository. No special setup is required; the group ID is org.epics which can be browsed here.
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