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This page points to those EPICS Distributions which are distributed by the APS Controls group under the terms of the EPICS Open license.

The following releases of individual EPICS Distributions are available for download. For documentation, see the relevent page in the Distributions section of this website. That page also gives links to distributions provided by other EPICS sites which are not available from the APS Controls group.

or Date
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CA Tools 3.15.6, x64 2019-06-13 1604 KB CA-3.15.6-windows-x64.zip Readme-CA.txt 
MSI 1-7, x64-static 2015-12-09 121 KB msi-1.7.zip  
Windows Tools x86 2014/07/29 7277 KB EPICSWindowsTools1.44-x86.msi Readme1.44.txt 
Windows Tools x64 2014/07/29 9056 KB EPICSWindowsTools1.44-x64.msi Readme1.44.txt 
Windows Tools x86 2012/06/22 7085 KB EPICSWindowsTools1.43-x86.msi Readme1.43.txt 
Windows Tools x64 2012/06/22 8871 KB EPICSWindowsTools1.43-x64.msi Readme1.43.txt 
Windows Tools x86 2011/06/17 6984 KB EPICSWindowsTools1.42-x86.msi Readme1.42.txt 
Windows Tools x64 2011/06/17 8771 KB EPICSWindowsTools1.42-x64.msi Readme1.42.txt 
Windows Tools x86 2011/05/03 6983 KB EPICSWindowsTools1.41-x86.msi Readme1.41.txt 
Windows Tools x64 2011/05/03 8771 KB EPICSWindowsTools1.41-x64.msi Readme1.41.txt 
Last APS Solaris-10 GDCT Build ?? 2154 KB gdct-solaris10.tar.gz  
TIS4000 source code Rel T60 6770 KB TIS4000-T60.tar.gz  

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