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APS Support Module Downloads

This page contains pointers to various EPICS Support Modules which are distributed by the APS Control group under the terms of the EPICS Open license. There are two sections to this page:

Point Releases

The following releases of individual EPICS Support Modules are available for download. These are tar files containing purely source code, and have been compressed with gnuzip. For documentation, see the relevent page in the Support Modules section of this website.

or Date
Link to
Acromag AVME-9440 1.5 8 KB acromag-1.5.tar.gz
Agilent E364xA power supplies (Asyn) 1-5 7 KB agilente364xa1-5.tar.gz
Allen Bradley SV6008 Scanner 2.3 99 KB allenBradley-2.3.tar.gz
Analogic DVX-2502 1-3 16 KB analogic1-3.tar.gz
APS Event System 4.5 54 KB apsEvent-4.5.tar.gz
APS Runcontrol 2.0.6 11 KB runcontrol-2.0.6.tar.gz
Asyn Dribble Interpose 1.2 6 KB asynDribble-1.2.tar.gz
Asyn Driver 4-36 8469 KB asyn4-36.tar.gz
Asyn Driver 4-37 8192 KB asyn4-37.tar.gz
Asyn Driver 4-38 8196 KB asyn4-38.tar.gz
BurrBrown MPV-9xx 1-4 7 KB burrBrown-1.4.tar.gz
CA for Perl5 0.4 32 KB cap5-0.4.tgz
Caen A2620 (Asyn) 1.0 81 KB CaenA2620-1.0.tar.gz
Caen A36xx (Asyn) 1.0 93 KB CaenA36xx-1.0.tar.bz2
Caen V965 (Asyn) 1.0 15 KB CaenV965-1.0.tar.gz
ColdFire MCF-5282 Peripherals (Asyn) 2-9 28 KB mcf5282_2-9.tar.gz
Dawn RuSH (Streams) 2010-12-01 14 KB DawnRuSH.tar.gz
DirectNet (Asyn) 1-3 45 KB directNetAsyn1-3.tar.gz
drvIpac 2.13 131 KB ipac-2.13.tar.gz
drvIpac 2.14 143 KB ipac-2.14.tar.gz
Generic Transient Recorder 2-4 68 KB gtr2-4.tar.gz
Glassman HV supplies 01.00 8 KB GlassmanEJ_ET_FJ_FR-01.00.tar.gz
iocsh device support (Asyn) 1.0 7 KB iocshDev-1.0.tar.gz
Keithley 2400 (Asyn) 1.1 10 KB keithley2400-1.1.tar.gz
Keithley 6487 (Streams) 1.1 17 KB Keithley6487-1.1.tar.gz
Mizar MZ-8310 1-5 7911 KB mizar-1.5.tar.gz
Message Passing Facility 2-6 86 KB mpfosi2-6.tar.gz
PAS 9782/GEN 1-1 67 KB pas9782R1-1.tar.gz
Prologix GPIB-Ethernet Controller 01.01 2591 KB PrologixGPIB-01.01.tar.gz
RTEMS Utilities 1-4 5 KB rtemsutils-1.4.tar.gz
RTOS performance measurement 1-1 50 KB realTimePerform1-1.tar.gz
Stanford Research CG635 (Streams) 1.0 12 KB srsCG635-1.0.tar.gz
Stanford Research DG535 1-2 16 KB dg535_1-2.tar.gz
Stanford Research PS300 (Asyn) 1-1 7 KB srsps300_1-1.tar.gz
Stanford Research PS300 (Streams) 2.1 10 KB SRS_PS300-2.1.tar.gz
Tektronix TDS3000 (Asyn) 2.4 260 KB tds3000-2.4.tar.gz
USB Mouse (Asyn) 0.3 13 KB usbMouse-0.3.tar.bz2
VxWorks Symbol support 1-2 12 KB symb1-2.tar.gz
VMIC VMIVME-4100 1-3 5 KB vmic1-3.tar.gz
VxWorks statistics 1-2 6 KB vxStats1-2.tar.gz
Waveform Processing 1-0 401 KB waveProc1-0.tar.gz
XYCOM XVME-566 1-5 12 KB xycomAnalog1-5.tar.gz
XYCOM XVME-2xx 1-5 11 KB xycomDigital1-5.tar.gz

CVS Snapshots

Most of the above support modules are maintained in the EPICS CVS repository at APS, although some now have their own public Subversion repository instead. In addition to the point releases above, you can also download the latest version of the source that has been committed to CVS. The following gzipped tar files are created shortly after midnight Chicago (Central US) time whenever any change has been committed to the CVS repository, thus they should never be more than 24 hours behind the latest development version of the module concerned. If a creation date is several days or even weeks old, that means that nothing has been checked into that CVS branch between that date and midnight last night in Chicago.

There is no guarantee that any particular CVS snapshot will even compile, let alone run properly. Do not rely on these versions, although in many cases they should work properly and may contain the latest bug fixes that will be found in the next official release. Contact a module's developers to discover the current state of the CVS repository for the module.

Click to
Analogic DVX-2502 Thu, 07th Sep 2017 16 KB analogic_cvs.tar.gz
Caen V265 Thu, 07th Sep 2017 6 KB caen_cvs.tar.gz
Omnibyte Comet digitizer Thu, 07th Sep 2017 7 KB cometAnalog_cvs.tar.gz
Generic Transient Recorder See Github's epics-modules/gtr repository
HP 1366 Thu, 07th Sep 2017 8 KB hp1366_cvs.tar.gz
Kinetic Systems V215 Thu, 07th Sep 2017 4 KB kscAnalog_cvs.tar.gz
Maxim MAX1619 Thu, 07th Sep 2017 3 KB max1619_cvs.tar.gz
Pentek 4261A ADC Thu, 07th Sep 2017 7 KB pentekAnalog_cvs.tar.gz
VMIC VMIVME-4100 Thu, 07th Sep 2017 5 KB vmic_cvs.tar.gz
XYCOM XVME-566 Thu, 07th Sep 2017 11 KB xycomAnalog_cvs.tar.gz
Allen Bradley SV6008 Scanner Fri, 08th Sep 2017 94 KB allenBradley_cvs.tar.gz
BitBus Fri, 08th Sep 2017 53 KB bitBus_cvs.tar.gz
Camac Fri, 08th Sep 2017 25 KB camac_cvs.tar.gz
IPAC Carrier and Modules See Github's epics-modules/ipac repository
EPICS VXI support Fri, 08th Sep 2017 48 KB epvxi_cvs.tar.gz
Black Box Pow-R-Boot 5+ Fri, 08th Sep 2017 8 KB blackboxPowRBoot5_cvs.tar.gz
BurrBrown MPV-9xx Wed, 28th Nov 2018 7 KB burrBrown_cvs.tar.gz
VMIC VMIVME-2534 Thu, 07th Sep 2017 7 KB vmicDigital_cvs.tar.gz
XYCOM XVME-2xx Thu, 07th Sep 2017 11 KB xycomDigital_cvs.tar.gz
Agilent E364xA (Asyn) Thu, 07th Sep 2017 7 KB agilente364xa_cvs.tar.gz
Agilent 34401A (Asyn) Thu, 07th Sep 2017 7 KB agilent34401a_cvs.tar.gz
Agilent 6613C (Asyn) Thu, 07th Sep 2017 7 KB agilent6613c_cvs.tar.gz
Colby HPDL 100A (Asyn) Thu, 07th Sep 2017 8 KB colbyhpdl100a_cvs.tar.gz
Stanford Research DG535 Thu, 07th Sep 2017 16 KB dg535_cvs.tar.gz
Omega DP97 (Asyn) Thu, 07th Sep 2017 5 KB dp97_cvs.tar.gz
HP 3458A Thu, 07th Sep 2017 8 KB hp3458a_cvs.tar.gz
HP 8562A Thu, 07th Sep 2017 4 KB hp8562a_cvs.tar.gz
HP 8648 Thu, 07th Sep 2017 5 KB hp8648_cvs.tar.gz
HP 8673E Thu, 07th Sep 2017 3 KB hp8673e_cvs.tar.gz
HP DL1A Thu, 07th Sep 2017 4 KB hpdl1a_cvs.tar.gz
Keithley 175 (Asyn) Thu, 07th Sep 2017 7 KB keithley175_cvs.tar.gz
Keithley 196 (Asyn) Thu, 07th Sep 2017 7 KB keithley196_cvs.tar.gz
Keithley 2400 (Asyn) Thu, 07th Sep 2017 10 KB keithley2400_cvs.tar.gz
ColdFire MCF5282 (Asyn) Thu, 07th Sep 2017 28 KB mcf5282_cvs.tar.gz
Newport i series Thu, 07th Sep 2017 5 KB newportiseries_cvs.tar.gz
Spectra VacScan Residual Gas Analyser Thu, 07th Sep 2017 27 KB spectraVacScan_cvs.tar.gz
Stanford Research PS300 (Asyn) Thu, 07th Sep 2017 7 KB srsps300_cvs.tar.gz
Tektronix TDS3000 (Asyn) Thu, 07th Sep 2017 10359 KB tds3000_cvs.tar.gz
DirectNet (Asyn) Tue, 16th Jan 2018 43 KB directNetAsyn_cvs.tar.gz
GE Fanuc plc Thu, 07th Sep 2017 96 KB geFanuc_cvs.tar.gz
Asyn Driver See Github's epics-modules/asyn repository
RTEMS Utilities Thu, 07th Sep 2017 5 KB rtemsutils_cvs.tar.gz
RTOS performance measurement Thu, 07th Sep 2017 50 KB realTimePerform_cvs.tar.gz
VxWorks Symbol support See Github's epics-modules/symb repository
VxWorks statistics Thu, 07th Sep 2017 7 KB vxStats_cvs.tar.gz
Waveform Processing Thu, 07th Sep 2017 400 KB waveProc_cvs.tar.gz
APS Event System Thu, 03rd May 2018 54 KB apsEvent_cvs.tar.gz
Mizar MZ-8310 Thu, 07th Sep 2017 7907 KB mizar_cvs.tar.gz
PAS 9782 Thu, 07th Sep 2017 67 KB pas9782_cvs.tar.gz
Pulse Records Thu, 07th Sep 2017 9 KB pulseRecord_cvs.tar.gz

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