EPICS Controls Argonne National Laboratory

Experimental Physics and
Industrial Control System

IRMIS - Integrated Relational Model of Installed Systems

IRMIS is a collaborative effort between several EPICS sites to build a common Relational DataBase schema and a set of tools to populate and search an RDB that contains information about the operational EPICS IOCs installed at that site.

IRMIS version 2 is still used at Argonne and a few other sites, but will not be supported in the future, thus new users are strongly recommended to start using and contributing to IRMIS version 3.

IRMIS version 3 is hosted on SourceForge at http://irmis.sourceforge.net/.

For more information about IRMIS, read the Primer and/or contact one of the following primary developers:

IRMIS Collaboration Meetings

Software Download

The following compressed tar files are older versions of IRMIS Base.

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