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IOC Support Modules

As more device and record support software was written at various EPICS sites to interface to different kinds of hardware, it became obvious that these modules could not all be managed and distributed centrally as part of Base. Since then many of the support layers have been removed from Base and are now maintained separately. Depending on the purpose of the modules they are categorized here as either Soft Support or Hardware Support.

Soft Support

A Soft Support module may contain a new record type, software-only device support, or some other software that runs in the IOC but which is not readily identified with a particular piece of hardware.

Hardware Support

The following is a list of the modules that provide Hardware Support for use within an IOC, with links to the current maintainer and the web-site for each if it exists. Steve Lewis' Supported Hardware List formed the basis for the information presented here, which is now maintained in a database and the pages below generated from this.

If the device you want isn't listed there, you could also try this web-search using Google.

Kernel level drivers for a number of PCI boards using Linux may be obtained from the Comedi project (use of the Asyn Driver is suggested for interfacing to EPICS in conjunction with Comedi).

New entries can be submitted to the Hardware Support database by filling in this form.

APS Support Modules

The support modules compatible with EPICS R3.14 that are supplied directly from this website can be found on this page.

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