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EPICS Base Downloads

Point Releases

The following EPICS point releases of EPICS Base are available for download. These are tar files, compressed with gnuzip. If present a [signature] link points to a GPG signature of the associated tarfile.

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EPICS 7.0 Branch (Current)
7.0.8 Fri, 15th Dec 2023 3012 KB base-7.0.8.tar.gz [signature]
7.0.7 Wed, 07th Sep 2022 3015 KB base-7.0.7.tar.gz [signature] Thu, 07th Oct 2021 2986 KB base- [signature]
7.0.6 Sun, 04th Jul 2021 2984 KB base-7.0.6.tar.gz [signature]
7.0.5 Mon, 01st Mar 2021 2960 KB base-7.0.5.tar.gz [signature] Fri, 14th Aug 2020 2950 KB base- [signature]
7.0.4 Fri, 29th May 2020 2905 KB base-7.0.4.tar.gz [signature] Fri, 01st Nov 2019 2785 KB base- [signature]
7.0.3 Wed, 31st Jul 2019 2626 KB base-7.0.3.tar.gz [signature] Tue, 23rd Apr 2019 2620 KB base- [signature] Wed, 20th Mar 2019 2616 KB base- [signature]
7.0.2 Mon, 17th Dec 2018 2617 KB base-7.0.2.tar.gz [signature] Fri, 15th Dec 2017 2504 KB base- [signature]
R3.16.x Branch (Closed)
R3.16.2 Wed, 12th Dec 2018 1766 KB base-3.16.2.tar.gz [signature]
R3.16.1 Fri, 02nd Jun 2017 1689 KB base-3.16.1.tar.gz [signature]
R3.15.x Branch (Stable)
R3.15.9 Tue, 31st Aug 2021 1725 KB base-3.15.9.tar.gz [signature]
R3.15.8 Fri, 15th May 2020 1722 KB base-3.15.8.tar.gz [signature]
R3.15.7 Thu, 31st Oct 2019 1698 KB base-3.15.7.tar.gz [signature]
R3.15.6 Thu, 11th Oct 2018 1619 KB base-3.15.6.tar.gz [signature]
R3.15.5 Tue, 13th Dec 2016 1570 KB base-3.15.5.tar.gz [signature]
R3.15.4 Tue, 31st May 2016 1581 KB base-3.15.4.tar.gz [signature]
R3.15.3 Tue, 24th Nov 2015 1565 KB base-3.15.3.tar.gz [signature]
R3.15.2 Thu, 14th May 2015 1622 KB base-3.15.2.tar.gz [signature]
R3.15.1 Mon, 01st Dec 2014 1552 KB base-3.15.1.tar.gz [signature]
R3.14.x Branch (Closed)
R3.14.12.8 Fri, 14th Sep 2018 1495 KB baseR3.14.12.8.tar.gz [signature]
R3.14.12.7 Fri, 15th Dec 2017 1493 KB baseR3.14.12.7.tar.gz [signature]
R3.14.12.6 Fri, 09th Dec 2016 1462 KB baseR3.14.12.6.tar.gz [signature]
R3.14.12.5 Tue, 24th Mar 2015 1463 KB baseR3.14.12.5.tar.gz [signature]
R3.14.12.4 Mon, 16th Dec 2013 1454 KB baseR3.14.12.4.tar.gz
R3.14.12.3 Mon, 17th Dec 2012 1447 KB baseR3.14.12.3.tar.gz
R3.14.12.2 Mon, 12th Dec 2011 1441 KB baseR3.14.12.2.tar.gz
R3.14.12.1 Tue, 26th Apr 2011 1434 KB baseR3.14.12.1.tar.gz
R3.14.12 Wed, 24th Nov 2010 1430 KB baseR3.14.12.tar.gz
R3.14.11 Fri, 28th Aug 2009 1505 KB baseR3.14.11.tar.gz
R3.14.10 Mon, 27th Oct 2008 1490 KB baseR3.14.10.tar.gz
R3.14.9 Mon, 05th Feb 2007 1393 KB baseR3.14.9.tar.gz
R3.14.8.2 Fri, 06th Jan 2006 1378 KB baseR3.14.8.2.tar.gz
R3.14.8.1 Tue, 20th Dec 2005 1378 KB baseR3.14.8.1.tar.gz
R3.14.8 Thu, 01st Dec 2005 1377 KB baseR3.14.8.tar.gz
R3.14.7 Tue, 07th Dec 2004 1379 KB baseR3.14.7.tar.gz
R3.14.6 Fri, 28th May 2004 1366 KB baseR3.14.6.tar.gz
R3.14.5 Wed, 04th Feb 2004 1402 KB baseR3.14.5.tar.gz
R3.14.4 Tue, 23rd Sep 2003 1314 KB baseR3.14.4.tar.gz
R3.14.3 Thu, 04th Sep 2003 1330 KB baseR3.14.3.tar.gz
R3.14.2 Thu, 22nd May 2003 1312 KB baseR3.14.2.tar.gz
R3.14.1 Fri, 20th Dec 2002 1272 KB baseR3.14.1.tar.gz
R3.13.x Branch (Frozen)
R3.13.10 Thu, 15th Apr 2004 1509 KB baseR3.13.10.tar.gz
R3.13.9 Wed, 20th Aug 2003 1583 KB baseR3.13.9.tar.gz
R3.13.8 Tue, 04th Feb 2003 1578 KB baseR3.13.8.tar.gz
R3.13.7 Thu, 25th Jul 2002 1576 KB baseR3.13.7.tar.gz
R3.13.6 Fri, 15th Mar 2002 1659 KB baseR3.13.6.tar.gz
R3.13.5 Wed, 19th Sep 2001 1655 KB baseR3.13.5.tar.gz
R3.13.4 Fri, 15th Dec 2000 1647 KB baseR3.13.4.tar.gz
R3.13.3 Tue, 11th Jul 2000 1645 KB baseR3.13.3.tar.gz
R3.13.2 Wed, 22nd Dec 1999 1615 KB baseR3.13.2.tar.gz
R3.13.1.1 Mon, 01st Mar 1999 1702 KB baseR3.13.1.1.tar.gz
R3.13.1 Thu, 19th Nov 1998 1712 KB baseR3.13.1.tar.gz
R3.12.x Branch (Historic)
R3.12.2.patch7 Wed, 19th Feb 1997 1463 KB baseR3.12.2.patch7.tar.gz
R3.12.2.patch6 Fri, 16th Aug 1996 1463 KB baseR3.12.2.patch6.tar.gz
R3.12.2.patch4 Wed, 17th Jul 1996 1462 KB baseR3.12.2.patch4.tar.gz
R3.12.2 Fri, 19th Apr 1996 1462 KB baseR3.12.2.tar.gz
R3.12.1.2 Mon, 18th Sep 1995 1452 KB baseR3.12.1.2.tar.gz
R3.12.1 Mon, 10th Jul 1995 1419 KB baseR3.12.1.tar.gz

Development Versions

In addition to the fully tested releases of EPICS Base listed above, the development versions of EPICS Base are available through the Launchpad website. Use the git distributed version control software to download them.

We cannot guarantee that the latest development version will even compile, let alone run properly. Do not rely on these versions of EPICS Base, although in most cases they should work properly and contain the latest bug fixes that will be found in the next official release. The release process includes running a comprehensive series of test suites, which the development versions have not necessarily been checked with.

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R7.0.x See Launchpad's epics-base project, 7.0 series
R3.16.x See Launchpad's epics-base project, 3.16 series
R3.15.x See Launchpad's epics-base project, 3.15 series

Old Regression Test Suites

The EPICS core developers used to use the following regression test suite. The tests were mostly written by Marty Kraimer and were sufficient for our needs at the time, but were rather APS-specific and complicated. These tests have been replaced by a series of self-test programs that are included in Base itself.

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R3.15 See Launchpad's epics-base-tests project, 3.15 series
R3.14 See Launchpad's epics-base-tests project, 3.14 series
R3.13.x Thu, 07th Sep 2017 245 KB mrkSoftTest_R3-13_cvs.tar.gz

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