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EPICS Extensions Downloads

This page contains pointers to the various EPICS Extensions which are distributed by APS under the terms of the EPICS Open license.

Point Releases

The following releases of individual EPICS Extensions are available for download. These are tar files containing purely source code, and have been compressed with gnuzip. For documentation, see the relevent page in the Extensions section of this website. That page also gives links to extensions provided by other EPICS sites which are not available from APS.

Note: This list might not contain all the extensions files that the APS makes available, and normally only lists one or two versions of each particular extension. Check the web page for the specific extension you're interested in as the author may have uploaded a new version and changed that page without asking for this list to be updated.

or Date
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Extensions Config files (R3.13) 2004/04/06 7 KB extensionsConfig_20040406.tar.gz
Extensions Configure files (R3.14) 2007/07/03 6 KB extensionsConfigure_20070703.tar.gz
Extensions Top (R3.14) 2007/07/03 10 KB extensionsTop_20070703.tar.gz
Extensions Top (R3.14) 2012/09/04 12 KB extensionsTop_20120904.tar.gz
Array Display Tool 168 KB adt1_5_6_0.tar.gz
Alarm Handler 1.2.35 487 KB alh1_2_35.tar.gz
Archiver 2007/07/03 549 KB ar_20070703.tar.gz
Beam Util 2007/06/22 4 KB beamUtil_20070622.tar.gz
Backup and Restore Tool 2015/05/11 753 KB burt_20150511.tar.gz
CA Examples 1.2 3 KB caex1_2.tar.gz
CA monitor 2015/05/12 9 KB camonitor_20150512.tar.gz
CA Object1 6 KB caObject1_0_2_0.tar.gz
CA Object2 12 KB caObject2_1_1_3_0.tar.gz
CA Snooper 24 KB caSnooper2_1_2_3.tar.gz
CA Save/Restore 2015/05/12 43 KB casr_20150512.tar.gz
CA Tcl/Tk Interface 2007/06/25 50 KB caTCL_20070625.tar.gz
CA Utility 2013/01/10 37 KB cau_20130110.tar.gz
Condition 2007/06/22 7 KB condition_20070622.tar.gz
DA Library 2013/01/15 29 KB dalib_20130115.tar.gz
Java dbStaticLib Interface 2009/10/27 8 KB dbStaticJava_20091027.tar.gz
DB Verbose 2013/01/24 14 KB dbVerbose_20130124.tar.gz
Database Configuration Tool 2002/08/02 64 KB dct_20020802.tar.gz
Java Link List class 2007/06/22 3 KB doubleLinkList_20070622.tar.gz
Parameter Display Page 1.1.6 40 KB dp1_1_6.tar.gz
Easy CA 2015/05/12 37 KB ezca_20150512.tar.gz
EzcaScan 2015/05/11 19 KB EzcaScan_20150511.tar.gz
EZCA from IDL 2015/05/12 50 KB ezcaIDL_20150512.tar.gz
GDCT 1.3.1 82 KB gdct313-1-3-1.tar.gz
GNU Regex library 0.13 94 KB gnuregex0_13.tar.gz
Histogram Tool 66 KB histTool1_0_7_0.tar.gz
Image Catcher 1.3 29 KB imageCatcher1_3.tar.gz
Infrastructure Monitoring (Nagios) 2010/09/27 930 KB IMS_EPICS_Distribution.zip
Install Versions 2015/05/12 6 KB installVersions_20150512.tar.gz
Java Channel Access (R3.14 Makefiles) 1.0beta2 29 KB jca_20070622.tar.gz
Java Channel Access (Windows-x64 DLL binary) 2.6.3 247 KB jca.zip
Java DCT 2009/10/27 44 KB Jdct_20091027.tar.gz
Java Probe 1.3 13 KB jprobe1_3.tar.gz
Jefferson Lab Plotting Toolkit 111 KB jpt2_0_0_1.tar.gz
Knob Manager 1.0.10 62 KB km1_0_10.tar.gz
Knob Config 2007/06/25 6 KB knobconfig_20070625.tar.gz
MEDM 3.1.11 1480 KB MEDM3_1_11.tar.gz
Motif Button 2015/05/12 4 KB motifButton_20150512.tar.gz
Macro Substitution Tool 1.7 11 KB msi1-7.tar.gz
Namecapture 10 KB namecapture1_7_4_0.tar.gz
Nameserver 41 KB nameserver2_0_0_14.tar.gz
OAG CA 1.2 15 KB oagca1_2.tar.gz
ParseCASW 15 KB parsecasw-1-0-3-0.tar.gz
Popup 2013/01/10 3 KB popup_20130110.tar.gz
Probe 25 KB probe1_1_8_0.tar.gz
Rampload 1.5.4 10 KB rampload_1_5_4.tar.gz
ScanSee in IDL 2015/05/12 11036 KB idl_20150512.tar.gz
Scope Util 2013/01/25 10 KB scopeutil_20130125.tar.gz
SDDS Interface to IDL 2014/07/11 281 KB sddsIDL_20140711.tar.gz
Simple GIF Animator 111 KB sga1_3_5_1.tar.gz
StripTool 263 KB StripTool2_5_16_0.tar.gz
R3.13 Timestamp Library 2007/07/03 15 KB ts_20070703.tar.gz
View Image 1.3.10 28 KB viewImage1_3_10.tar.gz

CVS Snapshots

The above extensions packages are maintained in the EPICS CVS repository at APS. In addition to the point releases above, you can also download the latest version of the source that has been committed to CVS. The following gzipped tar files are created shortly after midnight Chicago (Central US) time whenever any change has been committed to the CVS repository, thus they should never be more than 24 hours behind the latest development version of the extension concerned. If a creation date is several days or even weeks old, that means that nothing has been checked into that CVS branch between that date and midnight in Chicago last night.

There is no guarantee that any particular CVS snapshot will even compile, let alone run properly. Do not rely on these extension versions, although in many cases they should work properly and may contain the latest bug fixes that will be found in the next official release.

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Extensions Config files (R3.13) Thu, 07th Sep 2017 8 KB extensionsConfig_cvs.tar.gz
Extensions Configure files (R3.14) See Github's epics-extensions/extensions repository
Array Display Tool Tue, 19th Sep 2023 169 KB adt_cvs.tar.gz
Alarm Handler See Github's epics-extensions/alh repository
Archiver Thu, 07th Sep 2017 723 KB ar_cvs.tar.gz
Beam Util Tue, 19th Sep 2023 5 KB beamUtil_cvs.tar.gz
Backup and Restore Tool Tue, 19th Sep 2023 760 KB burt_cvs.tar.gz
CA Tcl/Tk Interface Thu, 07th Sep 2017 49 KB caTCL_cvs.tar.gz
CA Examples Thu, 07th Sep 2017 3 KB caex_cvs.tar.gz
CA Monitor See Github's epics-extensions/camonitor repository
CA Save/Restore Thu, 07th Sep 2017 43 KB casr_cvs.tar.gz
CA Snooper Thu, 07th Sep 2017 24 KB caSnooper_cvs.tar.gz
CA Utility Thu, 07th Sep 2017 36 KB cau_cvs.tar.gz
Condition Tue, 19th Sep 2023 9 KB condition_cvs.tar.gz
DA Library Thu, 07th Sep 2017 30 KB dalib_cvs.tar.gz
Java dbStaticLib Interface Thu, 07th Sep 2017 8 KB dbStaticJava_cvs.tar.gz
DB Verbose Thu, 07th Sep 2017 14 KB dbVerbose_cvs.tar.gz
Database Configuration Tool Thu, 07th Sep 2017 64 KB dct_cvs.tar.gz
Java Link List class Thu, 07th Sep 2017 3 KB doubleLinkList_cvs.tar.gz
Parameter Display Page Thu, 07th Sep 2017 40 KB dp_cvs.tar.gz
Easy CA Thu, 07th Sep 2017 37 KB ezca_cvs.tar.gz
Easy CA IDL Thu, 07th Sep 2017 50 KB ezcaIDL_cvs.tar.gz
Easy CA Scan Thu, 07th Sep 2017 19 KB EzcaScan_cvs.tar.gz
GDCT Thu, 07th Sep 2017 81 KB gdct313_cvs.tar.gz
Histogram Tool Thu, 07th Sep 2017 65 KB histTool_cvs.tar.gz
Image Catcher Thu, 07th Sep 2017 29 KB imageCatcher_cvs.tar.gz
Install Versions Thu, 07th Sep 2017 6 KB installVersions_cvs.tar.gz
Java Channel Access Thu, 07th Sep 2017 28 KB jca_cvs.tar.gz
Java Channel Access 2 Thu, 07th Sep 2017 58 KB jca2_cvs.tar.gz
Java DCT Thu, 07th Sep 2017 43 KB Jdct_cvs.tar.gz
Java Probe Thu, 07th Sep 2017 13 KB jprobe_cvs.tar.gz
Jefferson Lab Plotting Toolkit Thu, 07th Sep 2017 110 KB jpt_cvs.tar.gz
Knob Manager Thu, 07th Sep 2017 62 KB km_cvs.tar.gz
Knob Config Tue, 19th Sep 2023 6 KB knobconfig_cvs.tar.gz
MEDM See Github's epics-extensions/medm repository
Motif Button Thu, 07th Sep 2017 4 KB motifButton_cvs.tar.gz
Macro Substitution Tool Thu, 07th Sep 2017 11 KB msi_cvs.tar.gz
Namecapture Thu, 07th Sep 2017 10 KB namecapture_cvs.tar.gz
OAG CA Thu, 07th Sep 2017 19 KB oagca_cvs.tar.gz
Octave Thu, 07th Sep 2017 0 KB Octave_cvs.tar.gz
ParseCASW Thu, 07th Sep 2017 15 KB parsecasw_cvs.tar.gz
Popup Thu, 07th Sep 2017 3 KB popup_cvs.tar.gz
Probe See Github's epics-extensions/probe repository
Rampload Tue, 19th Sep 2023 11 KB rampload_cvs.tar.gz
ScanSee in IDL Thu, 07th Sep 2017 11036 KB idl_cvs.tar.gz
Scope Util Tue, 19th Sep 2023 10 KB scopeutil_cvs.tar.gz
SDDS Interface to IDL Thu, 07th Sep 2017 281 KB sddsIDL_cvs.tar.gz
Simple GIF Animator Thu, 07th Sep 2017 106 KB sga_cvs.tar.gz
StripTool See Github's epics-extensions/StripTool repository
Timestamp Library Thu, 07th Sep 2017 15 KB ts_cvs.tar.gz
View Image Thu, 07th Sep 2017 27 KB viewImage_cvs.tar.gz

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