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CA Tools

The CA Tools package for 64-bit Windows provides the four standard EPICS CA command-line tool programs caget, caput, camonitor and cainfo (which have been compiled statically), the CA Repeater program, plus the two DLLs that are needed by clients such as the Python PyEpics module for connecting to EPICS IOCs.

This package is much newer, smaller and less invasive to install than the full Windows Tools package described below, and it makes more sense to use this when you only need the two DLLs and/or the 4 basic CA programs.


The Readme file shows the contents of the zip-file and suggests how/where to install the contents.


The folling are links to the available versions, which are provided as zip-files that must be unzipped and installed by hand.

Windows Tools (formerly Win32 Extensions)

EPICS Windows Tools is a collection of EPICS Extension programs with some DLLS and command line channel access utility tools from EPICS base. They are built for systems running Microsoft Windows (9x, NT, 2000, XP, or 7) and are packaged as a Windows installer msi file. For execution they require a PC X server such as Hummingbird Exceed. The programs provided are:

    EPICS Extensions

  • adt.exe (Array Display Tool)
  • alh.exe (Alarm Handler)
  • histTool.exe (HistTool)
  • StripTool.exe (StripTool)
  • medm.exe (MEDM)
  • probe.exe (Probe)
  • sga.exe (GIF Animator)
  • EPICS Base command line channel access tools

  • caRepeater.exe (See Readme.txt)
  • ca_test.exe (Command-line test program)
  • caget.exe
  • cainfo.exe
  • camonitor.exe
  • caput.exe
  • excas.exe (example CA server)

Information about most of the above programs can be found in the Extensions area of this website. Look at the Application Developers Guide for the tools which are part of EPICS Base.


The Readme1.44.txt file provides information about this package.


The following releases are MicroSoft Installer (MSI) files. Double clicking the file should start the installation.

The following are Windows self-extracting executable archives.

The software can also be found in the Distributions Download section of this website.

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