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Hathaway TIS-4000

An early version of EPICS was licensed commercially to three different companies. The software sold first by Tate and then Hathaway as TIS-4000 has now been made available to the EPICS community. Requests for copies of (parts of) this software should be made by email to Andrew Johnson. If you have questions or want more information about this code or anything else about the Hathaway code though, you should send them to Bob Dalesio.

Directory Listings

The links below are to directory listings of the three versions of TIS-4000 that we have. These listings are themselves fairly large files, and it may take a browser quite a few seconds to display them. Once displayed it is possible to navigate within the directory structure by clicking on the directory names. Names that are not clickable links are files, for which a file size is shown.

Note that the full TIS-4000 software itself is not available here as it takes up most of a DVD (about 3.7GB)!

Browse CVS

The CVS repository containing the source for the T60 release can be browsed using ViewVC.

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