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Chapter 4 Creating and Manipulating Objects

5. Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Objects

The cut and copy options place a selected object or objects in a paste buffer--cut removes it from the screen entirely while copy places a copy of it in the paste buffer and leaves it intact in the display. After you have placed an object in the paste buffer, you can then invoke the paste option to place the object in the same or another display. The copy and cut options are in the Modify menu, so an object or objects must already be selected before you choose them, but the paste option is in the Create menu, so all selected objects must be deselected before you choose it.

To copy an object or objects:

1. Select the object or objects you wish to copy.

2. Choose Copy from the Modify menu.

The selected objects are copied into the paste buffer and automatically deselected.

To cut an object:

1. Select the object or objects you wish to cut.

2. Choose cut from the Modify menu.

All selected objects are removed from the screen and placed into the paste buffer.

The past buffer works like the "clipboards" in other application programs. It only holds whatever was last placed in it. If you cut an object and then cut a second object, unless you pasted the first object using the paste option, it will be lost.

To paste the contents of the paste buffer onto the display:

1. Choose paste from the Create menu.

2. An outline of dashes appears with the pointer in its upper left-hand corner: move the outline to the desired location by moving the mouse.

3. When the outline is in the desired location, left-click the mouse to place the object.

You can undo any number of cuts and paste operations. These operations are put into the same buffer as all other drawing area operations.

To copy an object or objects:
To cut an object:
To paste the contents of the paste buffer onto the display:

EDD/DM User's Manual, 2.4 - 27 MARCH 1997
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