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Chapter 5 Graphics Objects

2. Rectangles

The rectangle is the simplest of all object types. It is easy to draw because when you draw it its size corresponds exactly to the outline of dashes that appears when you draw an object, as in Figure 5-1.

During and After Create Operation.

Figure 5-2 and Figure 5-3 show the property sheets for two rectangles, one static and one dynamic. Notice that the property sheet for the dynamic rectangle has three more properties: the 'channel for dynamics', 'color rule name', and 'color rule argument' properties have all been discussed in the previous section. See Chapter 3, Working With Templates And Color Rules, for more information on the 'color modifier', 'color rule name', and 'color rule arguments' properties. The only thing about rectangles that needs clarification are how the 'edge and fill style' properties affect their appearance.

The 'edge and fill style' properties are inherited from the 'default edge and fill style' attributes in the Display Attributes window. The 'edge style' property affects the appearance of the rectangle's outline. A rectangle only has an outline when the 'fill style' property is set to outline, so the 'edge style' property has no effect if the 'fill style' property is solid. When the 'fill style' is outline, the rectangle will have a border the same color as the rectangle's 'color' property, while the interior of the rectangle will be the background color specified in the Display Attributes window. The width of the outline is determined by the 'line width' property. The 'edge style' choices in the object's choice button, solid and dash, determine whether this outline is a solid line or consists of dashes. When the fill style's choice button is set to solid, the entire object becomes the color of the rectangles 'color' property and has no outline. The following figure shows the three possibilities:

Property Sheet for Static Rectangle

Property Sheet for Dynamic Rectangle

EDD/DM User's Manual, 2.4 - 27 MARCH 1997
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