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Chapter 5 Graphics Objects

8. Images

Using an image object, you can import any GIF image into a display. As of version 2.3, the GIF image format is the only supported format. The image object is available as of version 2.2.

To create an image object:

1. Choose the image option from the Create menu.

2. Size the object and left-click the mouse to place the object.

To import an image, specify the image's pathname or filename in the 'image name' property. If the image is in a directory that's specified in your EPICS_DISPLAY_PATH environment variable (see Setting Your Environment Variables in Chapter 9 on how set this parameter), then you only have to specify the image's filename, image.gif for example. If the image file isn't in a directory in your display path environment variable, then you'll have to type in the image's pathname--you can use the image's relative pathname as well as UNIX directory abbreviations such as ~ for a home directory, a period (.) for the current directory, or two periods (. .) for the parent directory.

Also note that an image's size is not determined automatically by EDD. EDD will shrink it or expand it to fit in the box. For instance, if you have a small icon image of 60 by 30 pixels, but you make the image object 120 by 60 pixels, then the image will be 120 by 60 pixels.
IMPORTANT: Imported images do not display in EDD, only in DM. To see the displayed image, activate the display from EDD using the activate display option in the Display menu.

Images can use their 'visibility modifier' property so that they disappear or appear according to the value of the channel they are connected to at run-time; thus, images can be dynamic. However, they cannot use their 'color modifier' property, as an image's colors cannot be changed.

As for the other properties in an image's property sheet, the color property determines the outline of the image object in EDD. However, the outline is visible only in EDD. This is to let the user see the position and size of the image in EDD. You can ignore the 'image type' property as GIF images are the only images allowed as of version 2.3.

To create an image object:

EDD/DM User's Manual, 2.4 - 27 MARCH 1997
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